Today Show: How To Make A Good First Impression With A Handshake


By Taylor Evans

Today Modern Manners: Making the Best Impression Possible

Today Show: How To Make A Good First Impression With A Handshake

Body language expert Jneanne Driver talked with Today’s Al Roker and Natalie Morales about body language and making a good first impression. She gave tips that can make you look good at any party.


Al Roker and Natalie Morales talked to body language expert Janine Driver about how to work a room and make a good first impression. Today arranged for a group of strangers to attend a cocktail party at New York restaurant, Fresco. Driver analyzed the body language of the guests and talked about how people can make a good first impression and relax.

Today: Awkward First Impressions

Driver said that people are very self-conscious about how they look and may end up focusing on themselves. Driver advises that people not dump what they’re feeling on others and just to have a good time.

Today: Handshake First Impressions

Unbeknownst to many people, there is a right way to shake hands. People should face bellybutton to bellybutton when shaking hands. Driver says that we do this with people we like, admire and trust. She says that reaching from the side is a “mistake.”


When pulling people into a handshake, you should give them the upper hand, literally. By letting a person’s hand be on top in a handshake, it doesn’t seem like they are being dominated.

Today: First Impression Hands In Pockets?

Driver advises that people should be aware of putting hands in their pockets. Basically, don’t put your hands in your pockets. Hiding your thumbs makes it seem like you need reassurance and that babies, who really do need constant reassurance, often hide their thumbs, whether it be in their mouths or in a fist. She notes that President John F. Kennedy always kept his thumb visible, even when his hands where in his pockets

Today: First Impression In Groups

Joining a group of people at a social gathering can be hard. Hijacking a group is a mistake people often make when trying to become a part of a conversation. Driver says you become the “irritating cheerleader.” A person should ask is her or she can join the group and give a coy smile, not an irritating one. Driver analyzed a photo of a woman from the cocktail party at Fresco. She pushes one of the women in the group aside and looks like she is dominating the conversation. Being polite is key to joining a group.


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