Today Show: How To Create Your Dream Job & Donny Deutsch Career Advice


By Brandon Mohaupt

Today Show: How To Create Your Dream Job

Just because you don’t hate your job, or might actually enjoy it, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily happy with where you’re at in you career. Sometimes it’s a creative issue, many times a financial issue. The former seems to be the case with these first two ladies who work full time but have side projects they want to stem into a career. Donny Deutsch, famous for running Deutsch Inc. and starring on NBC’s The Apprentice, as well as regularly moonlighting on The Today Show, gave advice to these two ladies about how to turn their side projects into a bona fide career.


Today Show: Nurse Vs Party Planner

Today Show: How To Create Your Dream Job & Donny Deutsch Career Advice

On the Today Show, Donny Deutsch gave budding entrepreneurs career advice on how to create your dream job and then transition to your passion full-time.

Darlene Proctor is a nurse in Windsor Mill, Massachusetts. She is currently enrolled in culinary school and is trying to expand her party-planning business out of her home and into a career. Darlene covers all facets of the party-planning business. She can plan the event and cater the event with her self-made cakes and baked goods. She wants to see it from where it currently is, in its infancy, to a brick-and-mortar business that can become successful enough to supplant her current job.

Donny Deutsch encouraged Darlene by saying the hard part is done. Actually getting the project off the ground to a point where you actually have events, while working full time, is the hardest part when starting a business. Donny advised her and the viewing audience to undertake something you are passionate about. In Darlene’s case, it’s all about marketing. Donny explained that in order to expand you must make everyone ambassadors to your business. Hand your card out to people you think may not need or want it. Give your card to the band and the guests at the party; make everyone aware of your business. Also, don’t be shy with family and friends; don’t be afraid.


Today Show: Bank Manager Vs Event Photographer

Francis is a bank manager, currently working about 80 hours a week, 40 at the bank and the other 40 taking photographs for weddings, parties, and other events. Francis is a case where she loves her current job but she isn’t passionate about it. It’s easy to love something but see the bigger picture beyond it and realize taking a risk may be the right choice. Donny advised Francis to follow her gut. He gushed about how her eyes light up when she talks about her photography business. He advised that when it becomes a job where you are making 50-60% of your current salary, then you can make that next step into leaving your current job and putting all your effort into the passion project.

Today Show: Donny Deutsch Career Advice

Donny’s main advice is to follow your gut. Do what is going to make you happy, do what you’re passionate about and don’t be afraid. You don’t have to completely blow up your life when trying to start your own business. You can creep into it, spend a few hours a week on it at first and let it gradually guide you into a situation where it may become something bigger than just a project. “Guys, just do it,” he said.


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