Today Show: How Much Paternity Leave Should Dads Take With A New Baby?


Today Show: Paternity Leave

Have you heard of paternity leave? This is a job perk that allows new fathers to spend some time at home with a new baby. More companies are offering this to their employees, but dads don’t seem to be taking advantage of it.

Today: Dads & Newborns

Today Show: How Much Paternity Leave Should Dads Take With A New Baby?

How much paternity leave should dads take if they have a new baby? European countries are extremely generous, but paternity leave is less popular in the US.


Brent, a 37-year-old father, is a software executive in Colorado. He took three days of his allowed month of paternity leave when his daughter was born. Because there was a lot going on at work, he decided not to take full advantage of his allowed time.

Companies are offering as much as two to 12 weeks for fathers to stay home with new babies. One person suspected that people don’t take time off in this economy because it is seen as weakness.

Today Show: Europe Paternity Leave

Smaller companies don’t offer paternity leave, while Ken Matos of the Families and Work Institute said some people might worry about losing their jobs over it.


That’s not the case around the world. In European countries like France, Germany, and Sweden, dads get from 28 to 61 weeks of mandated paid leave to spend with their newborns.

New dads seem to have mixed opinions. What do you think about paternity leave? Do you know someone who has used it?

Today: Competitive Workplace

Matt Lauer asked a group of professionals what they thought about the perceptions surrounding paternity leave in the US. Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal said his company offers four weeks off, and his employees are encouraged to take the opportunity.

Comedian and writer Jason Good said dads may have a problem with this because they don’t want to get left behind in the competitive work environment. It also provides an escape from the chaos of a new baby at home.

Today Show: Parents of a New Baby

Author and editor Denene Millner said her husband did not have paid leave when they had their children, but he used vacation days to spend time at home. She said she really appreciated the help around the house during that early going.

“It was emotionally just awesome, because I had my husband there to start this new family,” Millner said.

Today: How Much Paternity Leave Should Dads Take?

In a Today poll, 44% of those surveyed said dads should get two weeks off, while 36% said they should get the same amount of time off as moms do.

Some dads may have guilt about leaving work behind, or be constantly checking their email, tring to stay in the loop. Millner said this is helping dads understand what moms have been dealing with for years.

What do you think is the appropriate amount of paternity leave for new dads?


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