Today Show: Greek Revival Style & Outdoor Kitchen Homes Under $400K


By Oriana Lerner

Today Show: Homes Under $400,000

Just to feed everybody’s dream-home fantasies, Barbara Corcoran was in the studio to take the Today Show’s viewers on a tour of luxurious residences from coast to coast. There was a variety of styles and sizes, but each one was in amazing condition and (mostly) perfectly decorated.


But, this wasn’t a look at how the other half live. The surprise? Their real-world-friendly asking prices. None of these digs even came close to touching the half-million-dollar mark.

Today Show: Greek Revival Style Homes

Today Show: Greek Revival Style & Outdoor Kitchen Homes Under $400K

This might not fit your budget, but the Today Show looked at some pretty awesome digs that do.

First up was a 4300 sq.ft. mansion in Grand Blank, MI. The house was designed in a Greek Revival style. The main living room features ornate molding. And, apparently one is never enough. There’s also a “spare” living room. Five bedrooms and four and half baths provide plenty of space for guests. A magnificent pool echoes the style of the home. The property backs onto a nature preserve. Not bad for $399,000.


Today Show: New Mexico $400K Homes

But, if all that space looked like so much cleaning, the next home in Santa Fe, N.M. was more of a little jewel, though it carried the same price tag. At under 1000 sq.ft., it was decorated in a classic Southwestern style with stone floors and light walls. The dining room is nestled under the stairs. Corcoran pointed out that it is in a very cool neighborhood not far from the art galleries. And, she said, the property taxes are under $1500 a year.

Today Show: Outdoor Kitchen Homes

The next home was all about the outdoors. In Pownal, ME (a town 20 miles from Portland and 10 from Freeport), the same price buys a home with generous square footage, but also with a full outdoor kitchen. Even indoors, there’s plenty of room to stretch out. The inside boasts a 45-ft. long great room.

Today Show: Federal Style Houses

But, if modern elegance isn’t the thing, the next home Corcoran showed was a fully renovated Federal-style one in Langdon, N.H. Dark floors and an air of restrained chic dominate this house. As Corcoran notes, it’s extremely unusual to see any home from this period in the under $400,000 bracket. Both she and Al Roker agreed that the bathroom was exquisite.

Today Show: Arkansas Private Community

The last house she showed was also the most modern. Built in 2001 in Little Rock, AR, it has all new finishes and four bedrooms. It’s also the most inexpensive of all at just $389,000. Located in a community of private homes and shopping, it’s a rich-person environment without the price tag.


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