Today Show: Great Gatsby Fashion Ideas & How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth


Today Show: The Great Gatsby Fashion

Kate Dimmock, fashion director for People Stylewatch, came by Today May 2 2013 to talk about the latest fashions and trends this season. First up was The Great Gatsby, the highly anticipated movie of the season. Kate Dimmock had some fashion inspired by the movie, which she said was one of the biggest trends of the season. This is definitely true, as evidenced by the horrible wedding dress Today had on the show yesterday.

Apparently, F. Scott Fitzgerald was a big fan of Brooks Brothers, so the clothing company made a special line of clothing for men inspired by the movie. But the look will be big for both men and women.


Today Show: Great Gatsby Fashion Ideas & How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

If you get the right kind of toothpaste for your dog, he’ll love the experience. I can’t confirm whether your dog will actually bring the toothbrush to you like a bone, but it could happen.

She & Him New Album Volume 3

She & Him will be releasing their third album, called Volume 3, on May 7 2013. Kate Dimmock said it will get you inspired for summer.

Lauren Graham Someday, Someday Maybe

Actress and Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has written her first novel, Someday, Someday Maybe, about a young actress trying to make it in the 1990s. Kate Dimmock said it was a great spring read.


Spring Sunglass Trends

This season, mirrored lenses are a big trend for sunglasses, like the Carrera Mirrored Sunglasses. Kate Dimmock said if you’re thinking of buying new sunglasses, these are the ones to buy.

Nails, Nails, Nails Book Of Nail Ideas

There’s a new book out called Nails, Nails, Nails to give you plenty of great ideas for your nails. The book will tell you exactly how to give yourself awesome nails without going to a salon.

Where To Buy Printed Sheath Dresses

As was noted on Today recently, jungle prints and floral prints are huge this season. Kate Dimmock recommended the Bouquet Sheath from

How To Treat Doggie Ear Infections

Willie Geist talked to the vet to get your pet questions answered, starting with dog ear infections. Dr. Brett Levitzke said that doggie ear infections are very common. First they’ll start by scratching their ears and there may be a foul smell. One of the best things you can do at home is regular ear care for the dog. He said to keep their ears clean and dry. You can just use an over-the-counter ear wash from a local pet shop. Dr. Levitzke said start with the outside of the ear and work your way in. The slower you go, the more comfortable the dog will be.

Doggie Ear Care Tips

Dr. Levitzke said that some dogs can get tear stains. Tears naturally have a pigment that can build up on the inner part of the eye, causing a pinkish tint around the eyes. Dogs get allergies just like humans, which is what causes the tears and the ear infections. Dr. Levitzke said one thing you can do to treat the eyes is to gently wipe the corners of the eyes to get some discharge off.

How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Dr. Levitzke said that you never want to use a human toothpaste for a dog. Instead, make sure you use one from a pet shop. The one he used on the show was chicken flavored, which gave the dog a nice treat when they licked their teeth after.


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