Today Show: Dr Oz Weight Loss Plan to Lose 10 Pounds in One Month


Today Show: Dr Oz Weight Loss Plan To Lose 10 Pounds

UPDATE: Don’t miss out on Dr Oz’s Drop 10 Pounds by Summer Cheat Sheet, his amazing list of Non-Starchy Vegetables and Joy Bauer’s Drop 10 Salad Recipe!

Losing those last 10 pounds can be the hardest part about dieting, so the Today Show brought on Dr. Oz who said he has the perfect weight loss plan to help you lose those last 10 pounds in under a month.


Dr. Oz said losing the last 10 pounds is something everyone can do but there are three things holding everyone back, making the weight loss even harder to accomplish.

  • Stress
  • Mid-life
  • Baby weight

    Today Show: Dr Oz Weight Loss Plan to Lose 10 Pounds in One Month

    The Today Show talked with Dr Oz about his monthlong plan to help people who are stressed, gaining weight during mid-life or can’t get off the baby weight.

Dr Oz: Lose Weight and Stress At the Same Time

One woman on the show said she is too stressed to lose weight. When Hurricane Sandy hit she started eating a lot and she became very stressed with everything happening in her life. She said she continued eating since the hurricane and gained about 10 pounds.

Dr. Oz explained to the woman that she is eating when she is not hungry because she is stressed. He said the feeling in your stomach that tells you to eat something does not mean you are hungry. He said your stomach growling is just a sign of withdrawal and this “toxic hunger” is tricking you into thinking you are hungry. Dr. Oz said if you are really hungry, you will feel it in your chest. He suggested waiting five minutes for the feeling to go away and if it does not, you are hungry.


He also pointed out that when you aren’t hungry your taste buds will shut down and you won’t taste the food as much, another sign you are being tricked by toxic hunger.

Today Show: Dr Oz Hippy Stretch Separates Hunger and Stress

Dr. Oz said doing his hippy stretch will also make you feel less hungry. Simply stand straight and bend over. You don’t have to touch your toes, but as you are bent over you should bend your left and right knees at separate times. He said this will cause a separation between the hunger and the stress, saying we store all our stress in our hips, the area that will be stretched.

Today Show: Dr Oz Mid-Life Weight Loss

The next woman Dr. Oz talked with said she opened a salon eight years ago and as the salon has been growing so has her belly. She also said after turning 50, it seems like everything she eats makes her gain weight as well. Dr. Oz laid out a plan for the woman, saying she needs to eat something light for breakfast, like fruit and cereal (300 calories), eat soup for lunch (400 calories) and then have some shrimp and vegetables for dinner (500 calories). He also said if you eat any noodles with the shrimp, make sure they are al dente because the body can absorb them easier that way.

Dr Oz: Losing Weight After Childbirth

The last woman said she has two children and they are only 11 months apart, she runs her own small business and she is continually eating whatever her children have left over on their plate after dinner. Dr. Oz said her weight gain is coming from hormones and not eating healthy. He suggested she eat more low calorie snacks, like fruit or popcorn, during the day to keep her feeling full.


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