Today Show: Dog Workout & US Chamber of Commerce 500,000 Jobs for Vets


Today Show: K9 Fit Club Review

A trend in the workout world has been turning a lot of heads and making a few tails wag at the same time. Pet owners are now bringing their pets with them to special classes, like the K9 Fit Club, where hound and human both get a rigorous workout. Members of the new workout club say they are losing weight quickly and they love working out with their dog because they never turn down a chance for a little running around.

The founder of the club, Tricia Montgomery, said she lost 135 pounds working out with her dog who also lost a few pounds himself. Dr. Ernie Ward of the Association for Pet Obesity said this new trend is helpful to both man and pet because as Obesity rises in our nation so does the number of obese dogs.


Today Show: Dog Workout & US Chamber of Commerce 500,000 Jobs for Vets

The Today Show found out the best way to workout is with a dog workout and the US Chamber of Commerce is helping 500,000 veterans find work.

“Dogs have gone from the backyard to the couch,” said Ward.

Montgomery isn’t the only one who lost major weight. Cindy Rodkin said she lost 57 pounds while working out at the club.


Today Show: Doggie Workout Offers Independence

Even with the remarkable weight loss some of the members have achieved, working out with a pet is also has many other positive affects on people. Erin Harvey, a member of the club who has Down syndrome, has found a new sense of independence while bonding with a 17-month-old dog named Goldie.

Today Show: US Chamber of Commerce Finding Veterans Jobs

The US Chamber of Commerce is stepping up to the plate for veterans this week as they help 500,000 veterans find jobs all around the United States and they aren’t doing it alone. They are connecting with veterans like Melissa Fay who have found jobs and want to help others follow in their footsteps.

Fay is the loving mother of a 5-month-old baby girl and she is also a former lieutenant and chopper pilot for nine years in the military. When she decided to leave the military and become a civilian, Fay said it was not easy trying to translate her skills in the military to skills that could be used at a normal job.

Fay told the Today Show her first resume said she was flying mission in the Persian Gulf, which may sound interesting but it doesn’t translate to any type of work a civilian could get. She said she needed to rework her resume to outline the actually duties she fulfilled. She changed her flying missions in the Persian Gulf to state exactly how she coordinated and moved large shipments of supplies.

In the end General Electric saw her potential and the fact that she had an MBA and hired her as a financial analyst for their company where she has been outperforming her peers since she was hired.

Today Show: Veterans Looking for Jobs

The Today Show talked with a few veterans to find out what kinds of jobs they are looking for and the consensus between them all was that they just wanted to find a job that paid the bills.

One of the marines, Albert Chow, said he worked in the military for eight years on operations and telecommunications, yet he is having trouble finding a job.

“Not only can I do the job correctly, I can do the job under pressure,” Chow told the camera.

So far the US Chamber of Commerce has found 108,000 veterans jobs. Only 400,000 more to go.


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