Today Show: Do Pregnancy Superstitions Work? Determining Baby’s Gender


By Carolyn Menyes

Today Show: Do Pregnancy Myths Work? The High Belly

Though soon-to-be parents inevitably just want a healthy baby, the gender of the child is a great curiosity for all upcoming mommies and daddies. Today Show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager along with host Savannah Guthrie decided to test out popular gender-determining myths in the show’s Baby Bump segment.


Today Show: Do Pregnancy Superstitions Work? Determining Baby's Gender

Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie ran all around New York City to consult different mythical experts, to see whether or not they could determine the gender of her upcoming baby.

Guthrie initially assumed Bush Hager was having a male, due to the way she was carrying her weight up high, much like Guthrie’s pregnancy, which ended with a bouncy baby boy.

Today Show: Paranormal Baby Gender Test

Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie then took to the streets to visit various specialists who can look into the future to determine if Bush Hager is to have a boy or a girl.


The first stop was at a $10 psychic. This result, however, was inconclusive, as the woman reading Jenna Bush Hager saw both a boy and a girl in her future. Though Savannah Guthrie seemed to think this meant a boy first, the results were inevitably undetermined.

Today Show: Crystals Determine Baby’s Gender?

The duo then visited a crystal healer. Common myth says that if a crystal swings in a circle, a girl is on the way. If it swings back and forth, look out for a boy. The crystal expert dangled a jewel and string over Bush Hager’s baby bump, and lo and behold, it swung back and forth. Point one for the blue team!

The final stop on the mythical journey was a clairvoyant, who used Jenna Bush Hager’s wedding ring to determine the gender of the baby. The ring’s current tucked in position seemed to indicate a boy. For those keeping tally, that’s Boy: 2, Girl: 0.

Today Show: Pregnancy Cravings and Baby Baseball

After consulting the three paranormal activity sensors, Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager consulted a doctor, who quickly shot down myths involving carrying pregnancy weight, crystals and a widening nose for determining the gender of a baby. The only was to truly discover is through an ultrasound or meeting the little bundle of joy in person on its birthday.

Jokes around the office, including Al Roker’s wild guess that Jenna Bush Hager is going to have a girl led to the conclusion that a baby, in fact, was on the way. No matter what, the child will be loved (and apparently a Texas Rangers fan)!


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