Today Show: Common Garden Animal Pests & Sev Gadget Cardigan Review


Today Show: Water Buoy Key Chain

Kate Linendoll from Talk Nerdy To Me came by Today April 30 2013 to talk about a lot of great new products for us to check out. First up was the Water Buoy from It’s a device you put on your key chain as a precaution, in case you think you might lose your keys in the water somewhere. If you drop your keys, the buoy has a trigger mechanism to make a buoy, causing it to float to the surface, where it will float for up to 24 hours.

Waterproof iPhone Case

Kate Linendoll was so sure of her waterproof phone case from that she dropped her iPhone 5 into the tank of water they had on set. She said it was good for up to 6.6 feet of water. Al Roker pointed out that at seven feet, you are out of luck. Now, the tank had an iPhone 5 and two water buoys in it. Kate Linendoll threw in an iPad with the case on as well.


Waterproof Speaker

Kate Linendoll showed off the iSplash Floating Speaker as well, which is a waterproof beach ball-shaped speaker. The two of them threw it into the tank, which was getting really crowded.

Today Show: Common Garden Animal Pests & Sev Gadget Cardigan Review

Some animals for the garden are bad news, like the beaver. These little guys may be cute, but they can cut down your trees and build dams that flood your yard.

Sev Gadget Cardigan

The next item was the “perfect cardigan,” which was modeled by a producer named Kristin. Al Roker said, “Let’s get her in the tank.” Kristen looked horrified. The Sev Gadget Cardigan from has extra big pockets for all of your gadgets. You could even put an iPad in there.


The Wine Purse

Al Roker thought that this was the best item. It’s Wine In a Purse from The purse can carry up to two bottles worth of wine and can hold it for up to five weeks. It even has a little spout. Kate and Al really seemed to enjoy the wine.

Animals That Show Up In Your Backyard

David Mizejewski came by Today to show some of the animals that may be coming through your backyard garden this season. He said that everyone wants song birds and butterflies, but these animals were the ones that you don’t want, like everyone’s favorite fortune teller, the groundhog. In the eastern half of the country, he’s a common pest. David Mizjewski said that a natural spray of hot peppers and garlic on your garden can repel them, or just build a small fence.

Alligator Agitation

Alligators are a big problem in the deep south or the coastal areas of the Carolinas. David Mizejewski said that the key here is to never feed it. You don’t want alligators to associate humans with food. He said if you see one, call animal control.

Bad News Beavers

In some areas of the country, beavers are a huge problem. They can create dams and flooding in your area or chop down your trees. David Mizejewksi advised putting wire mesh at the base of your tree to ward them off.

Sneaky Snakes

David Mizejewksi said that despite the perception, snakes are really important. On the show, he had a California king snake, which eats other species, including venomous species. David Mizejewksi said to figure out what species are in your neighborhood, find out what kind of snakes you might have lurking in your backyard and what their dangers and benefits are.


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