Today Show: Busy Mom Makeover & Sweatpants Vs Little Black Dress


By Brandon Mohaupt

Today Show: Help Me, I’m Stuck Beauty Makeover

Today took a poll asking people what makes them feel stuck. Thirty-nine percent said appearance, and with that in mind The Today Show brought in three fashion experts to makeover two women who claim they feel stuck when it comes to their appearance and wardrobe. The first fashion expert was Lori Bergamotto, the style editor at Lucky Magazine. The second expert was Harry Josh, a John Frieda stylist and the third expert was Mally Roncal, the president and creator of Mally Beauty. Check out the results of their busy mom makeover.


Today Show: Sweatpants Vs Little Black Dress

Today Show: Busy Mom Makeover & Sweatpants Vs Little Black Dress

Today Show style experts helped two women overhaul and update their looks with basic, manageable changes that are perfect for any busy mom makeover.

The first woman to receive a makeover from the experts was Darcy, a 34 year-old single physical education teacher from Las Vegas. Darcy claimed to wear ponytails every day and still wears her favorite sweatpants that she bought in 1997. Her co-workers poked a bit of fun at her by saying she wears Turkey Trot shirts, to which Darcy rather proudly displayed the “four or five” sweatshirts depicting a turkey running a race, a sweatshirt she received when entering the nationwide Turkey Trot marathon.

Lori, in charge of the clothing, describes how Darcy told her she had only worn a dress a handful of times. She has a “teeny-tiny” waist and Lori wanted to accent that by dressing her in a little black dress that has “fit and flair” capabilities. In order to make Darcy pop, she accented her attire with a skinny pink belt – highlighting her thin waist – and added leopard print pumps to really make the outfit shine.


Today Show: Ponytail Vs Bangs

Harry, in charge of Darcy’s hair, really wanted to give her a look that would still be acceptable while wearing a pony tail at gym class. He accented her shoulder-length hair by giving her bangs and darkening it to a richer brunette shade, really make her blue eyes sparkle.

Mally, in charge of makeup decided to lightly accentuate her fair skin by adding more definition to Darcy’s face. She did this by lifting her eyes with a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. She then finished the look off with a bit of blush and lip gloss.

Today Show: Jogging Suit Vs Pink Dress

The second makeover was given to Jolene Watkins, a recently divorced mother after 16 years of marriage from Memphis, Tennessee. Everyone in a long-term relationship tends to slack on their appearance; you become comfortable with the person and realize you don’t have to dress-to-impress every day. This is the plight of Jolene; she always wears pants and mostly a jogging suit that she referred to as, “the weekender.”

Lori started off by dressing Jolene in a big bright colored pink dress and a leather biker jacket. She wanted to dress her in something girly but wanted to add balance and give her something with a bit of attitude as well.

With her hair being short, Harry mainly wanted to re-shape her face by giving her a side-part, helping to elongate Jolene’s face. Mally continued with the simple look, she wanted to accent her great eyes by adding a bit of eyeliner and blush.

Today Show: Busy Mom Makeover

The main goal of the experts was to keep Darcy and Jolene in something they could be comfortable with. They didn’t want to give them a drastic overhaul, keeping in mind that Darcy is a gym teacher and can’t go into gym class dressed like a supermodel and Jolene is a Mother that can’t spend a lot of time on looks when trying to raise children. I would say they were very successful, the makeovers look great and will continue to look good when Darcy returns to Las Vegas in her sweats and Jolene pops on “the weekender.”


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