Today Show: Building Unique Resumes & Billboard & Milk Carton Resumes


Today Show: Unique Resumes That Landed Jobs

Standing out during a job interview means you are going to have to stand out with your resume first and you can’t just highlight your best attributes on a piece of paper anymore. Today Show correspondent Jenna Wolfe said when she was younger she used beige-colored paper instead of white paper when she applied for an internship hoping it would make her stand out. But even changing the color of your resume might not be enough in today’s competitive job market.

With 12 million people unemployed in the United States, everyone is trying to stand out and the one page resume on an 8×10 piece of paper is not going to make the cut.


Today Show: Building Unique Resumes & Billboard & Milk Carton Resumes

The Today Show looked at some of the most unique resumes they could find, got some job interview advice and went over the best ways to get a new job.

So how have people stood out with their resumes? One woman sewed her resume together, another person put their resume for an ad agency on the back of a milk carton and another made a digital game of life following the career path he is hoping to take in his life. Other unique resumes included a billboard resume and a shoe box resume from a guy who wanted a job at a shoe store.

But Mallory, the woman who runs the Today Show internship program, said her best advice is getting rid of the resume lingo. She said she just wants to read about who the person is and then she can make her decision.


Today Show: Building a Unique Resume

To find out what employers are actually looking for, the Today Show talked with Dawn Siff and founder of Thrillist, Adam Rich.

Siff demonstrated how you can make a short and sweet resume with the smartphone app Vine, making her own six second resume telling the world what she is all about. She said using social media and digital media to get your resume to someone is a better way to tell someone who you are sometimes.

Rich said the video Siff made would have impressed him, saying he has a few new positions at his company and in just two days he has received over 500 applications. Although he said the typical resume can still work, he is going to have to do some “heavy lifting” because of all the paper.

Today Show: How To Make a Resume Stand Out

The Today Show asked their Twitter followers to give some advice for making resumes stand out and while some of the ideas were good, some of them neither Siff nor Rich said would work. One woman wrote in saying she attaches her Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media she can to her resume. Rich said this works because it shows she knows how to use the “tools of the trade.”

Another person wrote in saying he called the company he was applying for and told them he had a better job offer and he wanted his resume off the table. He said it worked because the company told him they wanted him to go and talk with them. Both of the experts said this was a bad idea because it could backfire pretty easily.

Adding a powerpoint outlining a 60 day plan for the company was another woman’s idea. Rich said it is best to avoid attachments in a resume because it is just another step the hiring person has to get over to even get a glimpse of what you are about. He also pointed out the 60 day plan could be a lot different than where the company wants to go.

Lastly, a woman wrote in saying she sprayed her resume with perfume once and it worked. Both of the experts suggested not spraying perfume on the resume. What if the person looking over the resume doesn’t like the smell?


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