Today Show: Bob Harper “Jumpstart To Skinny” Low Calorie 40/40/20 Diet


Today Show: Bob Harper Jumpstart To Skinny

The Today Show talked to Bob Harper, a trainer from The Biggest Loser, who wrote a book called Jumpstart To Skinny, which has a three week plan to help readers lose weight fast. Bob Harper said that since it’s the season where people are trying to train to get into their swimsuits or wedding dresses. Bob Harper said that he’ll be able to get up to 20 pounds off of you in three weeks.

Bob Harper: 40/40/20

Today Show: Bob Harper "Jumpstart To Skinny" Low Calorie 40/40/20 Diet

Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser came by the Today Show April 22 2013 to talk about his new book Jumpstart To Skinny and how readers can lose up to 20 pounds in three weeks. (s_bukley /


The first basic tenet of the diet is something called 40/40/20. This means that every time you eat, you get 40 percent of your food from carbohydrates, 40 percent from protein and 20 percent from fat. He added that there’s no fried food or booze on this. He also said that you have to make sure to get your complex carbohydrates in the morning, but no other time in the day.

Today Show: Bob Harper Low Calorie Diet

He also said that vegetables are “freebie foods.” He said that you can eat as much as you want in vegetables, but everything else has to be hit right at 40/40/20. But the diet is extremely low calorie, with women at 800 calories and men at 1200 calories. Bob Harper said that when you come off the diet, you won’t have a yo-yo diet situation, because you’re still getting your nutrients on this diet.

Today Show: Bob Harper No Complex Carbohydrates

Bob Harper also recommends no complex carbohydrates after breakfast. He said that people have to remember that there is a carrot at the end of the diet.


“By the time that you’re in that wedding dress or in that bathing suit laying there drinking a margarita, you’re going to be like, thank God for Bob Harper,” Harper said.

He also said that you’re going to hate him up until that point. A complex carb is a grain, like bread or pasta. But he wants you to eat simple carbs throughout the day, like fruits and vegetables.


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