Today Show: Al Roker Disaster Preparedness Public Service Announcement


Today Show: Meteorologist Al Roker Natural Disaster Reporting

The Today Show has been taking action this week by making their own public service announcements for issues near and dear to their own hearts. On the Today Show February 11 2013, Matt Lauer did his public service announcement about being a positive male role model in a young person’s life and today Al Roker is doing his public service announcement on the importance of being prepared before a natural disaster strikes.

Roker has seen some of the worst storms to hit America. He was there to cover Hurricane Sandy, he was in in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, he has seen tornadoes, hail storms, brush fires and more. Al Roker has done it all and the one thing he said is common between everyone who has just gone through their first disaster is shock at how powerful mother nature can really be.


Today Show: Al Roker Disaster Preparedness Public Service Announcement

The Today Show’s Al Roker made a public service announcement about disaster preparedness which includes making a disaster kit and practicing drills. (s_bukley /

“I’ve been in blizzards, I’ve been in hurricanes. The only bad weather I haven’t covered are locusts-like plagues,” said Roker.

With the recent destruction of Hurricane Sandy, Roker said he wanted to make a difference with his PSA and show people the need to get ready for a natural disaster of any kind.


Today Show: Three Steps to Be Prepared for a Natural Disaster

How prepared are you for a disaster? Do you know how to perform simple first aid? Do you know the types of disasters that could strike your home at any time? Do you have a disaster kit ready to go? Do you know what you will do when the disaster strikes? Al Roker said these are all questions you need to be prepared to answer when a natural disaster hits.

Al Roker teamed up with some FEMA experts to help fellow co-host Natalie Morales get her home ready for a natural disaster. They told her there are three things every family needs to have ready when disaster strikes:

  1. Home emergency kit – Every house needs to have a home emergency kit ready to go. Some of the items in the kit should include batteries, water, food, blankets and a first aid kit. Having it ready is going to keep you better prepared for whatever might happen.
  2. Check alarms – Roker said it is important to check all alarms every six months and practice what should be done if any of the alarms go off.
  3. Know what might you – From flooding to hurricanes to tornadoes, depending on where you live, there are going to be better chances for certain natural disasters. Getting ready for the most likely natural disaster is going to keep you ready and aware when it hits.

Today Show: Al Roker Public Service Announcement

After helping Natalie Morales get her home ready for natural disaster, Roker headed to the studio to film his public service announcement. With the help of a green screen, some really big fans, a little water and one guy throwing leaves at Roker, he was able to make a pretty good PSA where he weathers a really nasty storm and remind everyone the weather can change in mere seconds and it is time to get prepared.


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