Today Show: 5 Reasons Your Resume Ends Up In The Trash


Today Show: Resume Tips

The Today Show brought on Katherine Cohen, CEO and Founder of Ivywise, to help us learn how to find a job.  Do you know the top 5 Reasons Your Resume Ends Up In The Garbage?  Here is what Cohen said:

Don’t Lie On Your Resume

Employers are smart!  Don’t exaggerate, or even worse lie, on your resume.


Today Show 5 Reasons Your Resume Ends Up in the Garbage

Today Show 5 Reasons Your Resume Ends Up in the Garbage

If you lie about being proficient in a computer skill when you are not, they will find out sooner or later if you get the job.  And if you are not honest about your past experience or college attendance, all of this can and often will be discovered.

Resume Maternity Leave Advice

What if you have a gap in your resume because you have gone on maternity leave?  Or if you lost your job due to a downturn in the economy?  Katherine Cohen said that you should explain all of this in the cover letter.  Especially these days, employers are understanding of these situations.


Should You Include Your GPA On Your Resume?

Katherine Cohen said hat if you graduated within the past two years and your GPA is over 3.5, then you should include it.  Otherwise, skip it and leave your GPA off of your resume!

Beware of Resume Inconsistencies

If you are under qualified or over qualified for a job, then do not apply for it.  For example, if your current position pays more than the job you are applying for, then it is probably not going to work out.

How Do You Switch Careers with Your Resume?

So what happens if you want to switch careers and are willing to take a pay cut?  All of this needs to be explained in your cover letter.  Explain why you want to change careers and why their job is a perfect fit for you.

Should You Put Your Photo On Your Resume?

Some people include photos or use hot pink font on their resumes.  Don’t do this!  Katherine Cohen said that you want to be professional and avoid gimmicks when it comes to your resume.

Resume Objectives Are Not Necessary

Katherine Cohen also said that you should skin the resume objective line altogether, because you might forget to change it for each job you apply to.  However, you should be tailoring your resume to each job you are applying for.  Learn about the company, do research, even learn about their competitors, and include this in your cover letter.  It will get you noticed and get you to the interview!


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