Today: NY Recovering From Hurricane Sandy & How To Get Better Posture


Today Show: Rockaway Beach Still Recovering From Hurricane Sandy

The Today Show reported that Rockaway Beach, New York is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. The people interviewed from the town said it’s a great community, the kind of place where you can leave your bike unlocked. The waters of the hurricane were just the beginning. The 70 mile an hour winds blew small fires into raging flames that claimed 126 houses. A firefighter they spoke to said they were lucky not to lose the entire community that day. Six months later, nearly 500 homes have been destroyed or slated to be demolished for safety reasons. The community looks oddly empty in places now.

GMA: NY Recovering From Hurricane Sandy & How To Get Better Posture

Jill Miller, a fitness expert, said that R&B star Usher’s posture will eventually lead to a C-Slump. Usher (pictured here with the dorkiest glasses available) often sits with his knee up in his chair on The Voice, causing him to slouch. (image credit: Featureflash,


Bad Posture Can Seriously Impact Health

Natalie Morales and Al Roker talked to Jill Miller, the creator of Yoga Tune-Up, a fitness expert. Jill Miller said that “your posture follows you like a shadow” and that bad posture can lead to urinary incontinence, heart burn and it alters your blood pressure. She said that all the sitting we are doing in the modern age is very bad for us. She said that the rise of computers is a big part of the problem. Using a mouse can lead your arm to feel like it’s been pulled out of the socket. The big danger is the “C-slump” posture. When you slouch, your body starts to naturally feel like it should be curved into a C.

How Do We Get Better Posture?

Jill Miller said the best way to combat this is to try to get stronger in your whole body while you’re sitting. She said to make sure your head is on top of your rib cage and your back is straight. Sitting this way may be uncomfortable at first, but it leads to better posture and avoids the C-slump.

She pointed out that Usher, one of the judges of The Voice, always sits with one of his knees up and his foot on the chair. This can lead to slouching, as the star leans on his knee. It throws off his alignment and could lead to the C-slump. Another star example is Lady Gaga, who wears high heels a lot. Jill Miller said that high heels can throw everything out of alignment. Natalie Morales said that they often slouch there. Jill Miller said that it’s not about trying to be rigid, it’s about trying to have better posture. The music cut Jill Miller off then, as they were out of time, which is really unfortunate because I feel like Jill Miller was about to give some really great advice. How do you sit up straight without feeling rigid? I guess we’ll never know.



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