Today: Memorial Day Weekend Travel Ideas & Car Rental Loyalty Programs


Today: Rental Car Loyalty Programs

Today talked to the experts at Travel & Leisure to find out the best deals for traveling this Memorial Day Weekend. The expert on the show’s name was never displayed on screen and was unfortunately very hard to figure out. Willie Geist said it quickly, because this whole segment was a little rushed. It’s really too bad though because the expert seemed knowledgeable and one of the better ones they’ve had on the show in a while.

But anyway, it turns out that if you are planning on renting a car, you should think about loyalty programs the same way you would for airlines. You can get access to deals and you can get points to use toward hotels.


Today: Memorial Day Weekend Travel Ideas & Car Rental Loyalty Programs

Maybe I judged Laguna Beach too harshly. It is definitely beautiful, and there are vacancies just waiting to be snapped up by the right person. What are we waiting for? Let’s all go live like Lauren Conrad for a week!

Kennebunkport, Maine Vacation Ideas

Kennebunkport, Maine is a great underused location. It’s a great place that’s quiet and intimate. The Kennebunkport Inn still has vacancies starting from $169 a night. The inn is near all the great things in Kennebunkport. It’s also very kid-friendly. The expert said that one of her favorite seafood restaurants was within walking distance of the place.

Provincetown, Massachusetts Travel Tips

Next up is Provincetown, Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful place nestled in Cape Cod. Today recommended the Salt House Inn. Willie Geist referred to this place as “P Town.” He said he was very familiar with the cape. The Salt House Inn’s owner is both the designer of the place and the chef. It’s only $250 a night there, but there is a three night minimum for Memorial Day.


St. Pete Beach, Florida Hotels

Postcard Inn was the place recommended for St. Pete Beach, Florida. The expert said this was a great place because it has a lot of “fun attitude” and it’s on a beautiful stretch of beach. They also have great wings.

Gearhart Ocean Inn Review

The expert said this was a beautiful stretch of land and that it’s one of the best small beach towns in the country. She said it has a New England vibe. Each room at the Gearhart Ocean Inn has a kitchenette. They even provide you with the tools to go clamming, and it’s only $140 a night.

Laguna Beach – La Casa Del Camino

The next location was Laguna Beach, which the expert said was one of the most beautiful beaches you can go to. She also said that the hotel La Casa Del Camino is a great place, because the suites are only $199 and each has a surf theme that’s really fun. She also added that she loves the local food establishments.

I really wish Willie Geist would’ve asked her what this was doing on a list of intimate, small locations for families. Isn’t this the place that reality show in the early ’00s was filmed? You know, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County? It was the reality show knock-off of The O.C., which, while that show took place in Newport, was also in Orange County. So, in my humble opinion, having never been to Laguna Beach and having only television as my guide, here are the pros: you might run into former reality star Lauren Conrad, who was the original reality star “it” girl of the ’00s. But the cons are that you might run afoul of a local high school water polo team and end up having Adam Brody as your only friend.


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