Today: Lisa Heffernan Regrets Being Stay At Home Mom, But Loves Kids


Today Show: Stay At Home Mom Vs Working Woman Lifestyle

Today: Lisa Heffernan Regrets Being Stay At Home Mom, But Loves Kids

Lisa Heffernan wrote a controversial oped piece for the Huffington Post about being a stay at home mom. She wishes she kept a toe in professional waters.

Being a stay at home mom is no cake walk. Lisa Endlich Heffernan knows first hand just how much work it is. In a recent Huffington Post article, Heffernan wrote that she “regrets” being a stay at home mom after having her third son. She quit a high paying banking job to stay home, and while she admits “regret” is a strong word, she doesn’t regret spending time with her kids.


When facing her third child, Heffernan knew that having two kids and two working parents was a hectic lifestyle. She said that their lives were in chaos. After quitting the workplace, she said her world narrowed. Instead of working with people of diverse backgrounds and ages, Heffernan was scheduling playdates and parties with moms her own age, with kids the same ages as her kids.

Today: Mom Regrets Staying at Home Parenting—Huffinton Post OpEd

“I think that parents who work, triage,” Heffernan said that quitting the workplace made her a helicopter mom. She hovered over her kids because they were her job. Working parents tend to deal with the biggest problems first and then let the little stuff work out.

Her three boys grew up strong and Heffernan doesn’t regret the time she got to spend with her kids. They are only young once, she said, and spending that precious time with them was an experience she could never trade. Heffernan said that keeping “a pilot light under your professional life” is what she would have done differently. She said the article is really about how she wishes she had had a part-time job or kept a toe in the business waters. She encourages other moms to do the same.


Lisa Heffernan said her sons are OK with the article.



  1. SC says

    Her world narrowed? Then please explain this blurb for one of her three books: “Lisa Endlich knows everyone who’s anyone in the world of philanthropy.Now, we venture inside that world with her as she interviews the top names in philanthropy today: Melinda Gates, one of the driving forces behind the largest philanthropic organization in the world, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Bob and Suzanne Wright – he’s the former Vice-Chairman of GE and longtime head of NBC Universal, their Autism Speaks has become the number 1 autism organization worldwide; Bill Donaldson, former head of the SEC; Charles Best and Peter Bloom, the Chairman and CEO of the highly successful organization Donors Choose; Connie Duckworth, the former Goldman Sachs executive who left her coveted Wall Street job to start a not-for-profit rug merchant that focuses on providing employment to impoverished Afghan women and children; and, Anonymous – arguably the leading anonymous donor today, who’s given away millions in secret.She also interviews: Bernie and Tim Marquez, CEO of Venoco oil; Philip and Donna Berber, former CEO of CyBerCorp; Tim Dibble, Private Equity, Year Up; Peter Bloom, partner, Atlantic private equity, chairman of Donorschoose. org; and, Paul Tudor Jones, founder of Tudor Investments and the Robin Hood Foundation. Endlich’s widely praised skills (Goldman Sachs garned uniform accolades from the media) and unmatchable connections in philanthropy result in a book that’s a terrific combination of engaging, smart writing and engrossing interviews.” I think Lisa is trolling for another book contract …

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