Today: How To Wear Denim On Denim & Lost Australian Paintings Returned


Today Show: Wearing Denim On Denim

Liliana Vazquez from came by Today to show off some difficult to pull off trends this season. One of the biggest trends that’s hard to pull off is wearing denim on denim. This does not mean wearing a denim jacket and jeans, or what Liliana Vazquez calls “the Canadian Tuxedo.” She said you should wear different colored denims and wear a denim jacket over a denim shirt. She recommended a Forever 21 denim shirt under a Bar III denim jacket from Macy’s.

Today: How To Wear Denim On Denim & Lost Australian Paintings Returned

This man is attempting to pull off what Liliana Vazquez called the “Canadian Tuxedo,” the denim on denim look that includes a jean jacket and denim pants. It’s a fashion don’t according to her. She showed off denim on denim and other difficult to pull off fashion trends on Today May 14 2013.


Spring Trends: The Sheer Look

Liliana Vazquez said a lot of women are scared when they hear sheer. That’s why she said you should make sure the sheer parts are near the hemline or the neckline, like in a dress from that was shown off on the show. “It feels very ladylike, because the length hits at the knee,” she said. The dress was sheer in the skirt, in alternating sheer and solid striped cloth.

Wearing Stripes On Stripes

Liliana Vazquez said that you don’t want to look like the Hamburgular when you wear stripes on stripes. In the look shown off on the show, a woman wore a black and white striped shirt underneath a navy and black striped jacket, over a while skirt. The stripes on the blazer were thinner then the stripes on the shirt. Liliana Vazquez said that the look was unified by the black in both striped shirts.

How To Wear Mirror Prints

Liliana Vazquez said a lot of women are scared of mirror prints, because they think they can make them look bigger. But she said what women should do is find the perfect print that’s not too big and not too small. She said it can really hide a lot of trouble spots if worn right, especially if everything else is kept simple, like a solid color blazer on top or solid colored shoes.


Long-Lost Paintings Make Their Way Home

In a wildly different segment, Today spotlighted the incredible journey of a group of paintings that spanned several different continents and seven decades. Colgate University administrators were shocked when they found a box of donated paintings that were painted by a group of children who were among the thousands of mixed-race children taken from their homes in Australia in the 1940s. The children were taken and put into camps as part of an attempt by the government to assimilate the aborigines and create a white Australia. At one camp, the children had an art teacher who nurtured their artistic talents and that’s where the paintings originated. The art toured Europe and eventually ended up with an American collector. The Colgate University administrators made the journey to Australia to give the paintings back to their rightful owners, a small bit of their culture returned to them.


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