Today: How To Get Out Of A Career Rut & Advice For Changing Careers


Today Show: Nicolette Pizzitola

Anyone who has been in any job for an extended period of time may know the feeling of career fatigue, the feeling that this may not be for you anymore. Career strategist Nicolette Pizzitola is very familiar with this and says that is our job to get ourselves out of these career ruts or jobs where we just don’t fit.

Today Show: Work-Life Balance & Positive Mindset

Nicolette first helped Maryanne, a woman who has been in the same industry for 15 years and wants to get out so as to strike a better work-life balance.


Today: How To Get Out Of A Career Rut & Advice For Changing Careers

Nicolette Pizzitola provides advice to professionals looking to switch gears.

Pizzatola does not think that, with the industry changing, Maryanne is feeling connected to the work anymore. When we aren’t happy with our jobs, we start to see only the negatives. Pizzatola suggested that Maryanne come to work every day with a positive mindset and to remember what made her love the job when she first got into it.

Today Show: Advice For Changing Careers

The next lady, Devita, has been in her family’s restaurant business for quite some time and wants to change over to brand management. With the experience she has accrued over the years working in the restaurant business, she feels that she already has the ability to transition gracefully into the new position.


After seeing her resume and LinkedIn profile, Nicolette said that Devita needs to focus more on the experience that she has accrued while working in the restaurants and the communities she has formed within them, and less about how long she has been out of the industry.

Today Show: How To Get Out Of A Career Rut

Mia, the last one looking for help, held a day job in insurance, but harbors a passion for comedy. How could she make such a large career change?

Nicolette quickly pointed out some quick fixes for Mia. For one, Nicolette could find no YouTube videos of Mia bringing the funny or articles talking about Mia’s comedy. She advised that Mia needs to make a large presence in every medium: print, internet, and in person–people need to know what opportunities they can bring her.

In addition to the individualized advice, Nicolette had plenty to say to the general audience. You must know and display your strengths, so that you can engage employers in conversation and let them know what opportunities to bring to you.


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