Today: How To Automate Your Life, Save Money & Find Banks With No Fees


Today: Ways To Save Money With Carmen Wong

Carmen Wong Ulrich, financial columnist for Good Housekeeping, came by Today May 9 2013 to talk about ways to streamline your everyday tasks to help you spend less. She was introduced while bass-y, thumping club music played in the background. It felt like it should be 10 p.m. at a club downtown rather than almost 10 a.m. on The Today Show. “We’ve got a little club music to save money,” Willie Geist said. Well, that explains it. Are things really that bad at NBC?

Today: How To Automate Your Life, Save Money & Find Banks With No Fees

Does your bank charge you fees? Carmen Wong Ulrich said it’s possible to find banks that don’t charge a single fee. It’s worth looking into, because it could save you a lot of money.


Grocery Money-Saving Tips

Americans actually lose over $2,000 every year in grocery money due to waste. Carmen Wong Ulrich said she recommended people write down their expenses. Wong Ulrich recommended using an app called Food On the Table that pulls together recipes and then searches virtually at the grocery stores around you to find the best price. The app is free. She also recommended consolidating all your loyalty cards with an app called Card Star.

Shop Around For the Best Bank

Carmen Wong Ulrich said that people don’t think about shopping around for a bank and it’s something they should absolutely do. She said that most banks have a monthly maintenance fee or ATM fees and she said that’s something you don’t have to put up with. She said there are no fee banks out there and people should go looking for them.

Think Local, Save Money

Carmen Wong Ulrich said that we should always think local, too, in order to save money. It’s cheaper to buy things local. She said that local businesses will oftentimes charge less than a major brand.


Automating Your Life

Carmen Wong Ulrich said that one of the best ways to save time in the day and save money is to try and automate your life as much as possible. She said it’s possible to have toiletries, food and other things you shop for sent directly to your home. She said it can really save you time and money. She also said it’s important to have at least six months of emergency fund money and with all the money you’re about to save, that’s something that’s very possible to do.


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