Today: Hairstyles To Trim Years Off Your Face & How To Look Younger


Today: Hot Hairstyles To Trim Years Off Your Look

Stylist Harry Josh came by Today May 1 2013 to talk about how you can trim years off of your look with just a haircut. First up was Allison, who was in her forties, but Harry Josh had given her a haircut to make her look younger. He gave her dark hair highlights and gave her bangs.

“The great thing about the bangs is that it removes everything you don’t want to see,” Harry Josh said. “So it removes the eye wrinkles, the forehead wrinkles, and it’s really great because what you can do is just throw it up in a ponytail if you don’t feel like styling it.”


He added that even though a lot of women are worried about the lack of versatility with bangs, there’s still a lot you can do. He also said that you want to make sure the bangs are right at the brow. Any higher than that and he said you risk looking like a child. And that’s too young of a look!

Today: Hairstyles To Trim Years Off Your Face & How To Look Younger

Time for a makeover? Don’t worry. Harry Josh had plenty of ideas for hairstyles to trim years off of your look.

Curly Hair To Wavy Hair

The next woman was approaching her fifties. Her hair was extremely curly, so Harry Josh gave her a texture change, which he said made her look younger. Her hair was now much straighter, with waves falling to her shoulders. He said that because of her hair, the look he gave her will last a week. All she has to do is go every week to the salon for a touch-up. He added that he thought all the gray hairs should be removed from the head, even if it’s just a handful of them. The only exception is when it’s a “beautiful, solid gray.”


Coloring Hair Can Add a Lot

Did you ever see that episode of Boy Meets World when Cory goes to the hair salon and he wants a dramatic new look, but when the hair stylist turns the chair after the haircut Cory looks exactly the same? The hairstylist declared Cory’s “new” look his best work ever, but nothing had changed at all. That’s kind of how I felt about this one.

The woman was her sixties and before the haircut, she had tangled blonde hair. After the haircut, she had untangled blonde hair. Harry Josh claimed he’d dyed her hair and that was what made her look so much younger, but really, all it looked like he’d done was run a comb through her hair.

“It’s not a huge transformation,” Tamron Hall said, “but it pops.” Are you sure, Tamron Hall? I thought the tangled look had a lot more character.


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