Today: Great Gatsby Fashion & All-Male A Capella Group “The Statesmen”


Today Show: Great Gatsby Fashion

Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi came by Today May 15 2013 to talk about how The Great Gatsby influenced fashion and how you can do a Gatsby-inspired look at home.

Today: Great Gatsby Fashion & All-Male A Capella Group "The Statesmen"

Zanna Roberts Rossi came by Today to show off some fashions inspired by The Great Gatsby. Two of the most important accessories are the headband and the pearl necklace, shown here.


Great Gatsby Daytime Look

Zanna Roberts Rassi said this look makes you appear like you’re going to “frolic at a garden party.” So if you feel like a good frolic or if you have a garden party on your schedule that you just have to look your best at, you might want to try this look. Zanna Roberts Rassi said that there’s a perception that to have a Gatsby-inspired look, everything must be “short and flapper-like.” She was there to tell us that’s not true.

The first model showed off the look with a bright orange $80 skirt from Zara, a sparkly black top from Topshop and a black cardigan over it. She also wore a long pearl necklace. As a lifelong fan of the novel, I have to say, I’m not really sure this counts as 1920s attire. I’m not even sure how it’s inspired by the book. But I can’t argue with the fact that the girl looked absolutely gorgeous in that look.

Great Gatsby Evening Look

Next up was the Gatsby evening look. This look was informed by Daisy Buchanan’s look in the film. The model wore a $150 dress from Macy’s that looked straight out of the film. It had a low neckline, a long length and a fireworks-inspired embellishment. She also had a flapper-style headband and the very necessary pearls. Zanna Roberts Rassi said she thought that the dress was very flattering for all body types.


Great Gatsby Accessories

The next model wore the Gatsby accessories. She wore a flapper-style headband from Forever 21, a long pearl necklace and an Abi Ferrin dress. This model was mostly there to show how just a few accessories can turn any look into a Gatsby-inspired style.

Great Gatsby Beauty Tips

In order to bring out some of the 1920s style on the model, Zanna Roberts Rassi gave her heavy eyeliner and pin curls in her hair. She also wore a pearl necklace down the back.

All-Male A Capella Group “The Statesmen”

Because it’s Varsity Week on Today May 15 2013, they invited the all-male A Capella group The Statesmen from Penn State into the studio to perform ‘N Sync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me.” The performance incorporated choreographed dancing, and one of The Statesmen’s jobs was to be the percussive singer. Every noise doing the performance that sounded like drums came from his mouth.

The Statesmen were very talented and could definitely sing, but I have to admit that A Capella groups have always weirded me out. Every time, I spend the whole performance watching them wondering who is making what sound. That’s why I was no good for company when I watched Pitch Perfect on a date once. I kept nudging her and saying., “Wait, but how did they do that?” It’s such a mystery to me.

But The Statesmen were great to watch. I think it’s really cool of Today to spotlight varsity groups this way.


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