Today: Foods That Tame Your Appetite & Why Omega 3s Are So Important


Today: Foods That Tame Your Appetite

Registered dietician Elizabeth Somer came by Today May 15 2013 to talk about the foods that can tame an appetite. The basic rules of dieting are pretty simple: burn more calories then you eat and you’ll lose weight. But Elizabeth Somer said that some foods are better to help you curb those cravings.

Today: Foods That Tame Your Appetite & Why Omega 3s Are So Important

The omega 3s found in fish can lower your risk of heart disease, depression, Alzheimer’s and possibly even help with dieting.


Whole Grains Curb Cravings

One such food is whole grains. Elizabeth Somer said that research from Penn State has found that we feel full when we’ve eaten a certain volume and weight of food. This is why whole grains are great. When cooked, whole grains soak up water and they have a lot of fiber, which doesn’t have any calories. She recommended oatmeal, because it has a nutrient that helps balance blood sugar, which means you’ll be less likely to reach into the cookie jar later in the day. She suggested adding some fruit on top to make it more satisfying.

Broth-Based Soups Help You Feel Full

Elizabeth Somer said that research has shown that people who consume broth-based soups before meals eat fewer calories throughout the day and feel full sooner. She also said a thick drink like V8 or a fruit smoothie may do the same thing.

Importance Of Protein

One of the best things for dieting is protein. Elizabeth Somer said the biggest things for weight loss are fiber, water and protein. Protein is important because it takes longer to digest, leaving you feeling fuller throughout the day.


She recommended beans, because beans have all three of the key ingredients. She said they’re also great because you can add them to soup, dips, stews or salads. She said skinless chicken breast is also great if you bake or broil it, as well as seafood.

Omega 3s Fight Heart Disease

We’ve all heard that omega 3s are great, but we might not know why. Elizabeth Somer said that Omega 3s in seafood can lower your risk of heart disease, depression and Alzheimer’s. There’s also preliminary research that suggest they may help with dieting. No one’s sure why yet and there needs to be more research, but it seems clear that either way, Omega 3s are very important. One thing to remember, though, is that most of these great benefits come from the Omega 3s found in fish. There’s other sources of Omega 3s, but those don’t give you the same benefits.

Spicy Foods Are Good

Foods with more flavor make food more satisfying, which makes you feel better about what you’re adding. The capsaicin in foods like red chili peppers also help boost metabolism.


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