Today: Final Offer Discovery Channel Review & What’s Worth More


Today: Final Offer Discovery Channel Review

Years ago, PBS’s Antiques Roadshow made us all think about the family heirlooms sitting in the attic that could be worth a fortune. Now the Discovery Channel is putting a new spin on this concept with a program featuring collectibles expert Billy Roland, who explained What’s Worth More and why.

He shared some advice on what to look for in determining an item’s value and authenticity, in advance of an upcoming auction he’s holding in June 2012. You can see Final Offer on the Discovery Channel Thursday nights.


What's Worth More: Today Show

From the new Discovery Channel series Final Offer, Billy Roland explained What's Worth More among antiques & collectibles.

What’s Worth More: Picasso Shorts Vs Alexander Calder Wire Car

Billy Roland put Al Roker and the audience to the test by pitting two items against one another. One item was worth $10,000, and the other was worth $100,000.

Which do you think is worth more: shorts signed by Pablo Picasso or a wire car by Alexander Calder? Surprisingly, the car is worth six figures, pending authentication.


What’s Worth More: 1930s Artwork

The next showdown was between two 1930s art pieces, one by nature lover James Audubon, the other by Yves Tanguy, a French surrealist. The French original was worth $20,000, while the Audubon print would go for about $2,000.

What’s Worth More: Tiger Brooches Vs Tiger Pin

Three items of jewelry were up next, all featuring wild tigers. One item was worth $58,000, another was valued at $18,000, and the last piece was $250.

Billy Roland explained that David Webb’s animal jewelry was still popular today, despite his death in 1976. The $250 item was a costume piece by another artist.

What’s Worth More: Coin Banks

Two collectible coin banks went head to head. One featured the Bible story of Jonah and the whale, while the second featured Boris Tweed.

The Jonah piece was a $100 reproduction, while the Tammany Hall piece went for $3,000.

“Condition is everything,” Billy Roland said.

What’s Worth More: Magazine Rack Vs Airplane Cigarette Case

Which antique piece is worth more: an antique magazine rack or a decorative cigarette case? The airplane case would fetch around $5,500, a German relic from the 1930s, and contains ashtrays as well as matchbook holders. The magazine rack was worth $2,500, and dated back to the 1950s.


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