Today: Dove Beauty Campaign Sketch Artist Viral Video & Self-Image


By Taylor Evans

Today: Dove Beauty Campaign Challenges Self-Perception

Dove’s latest beauty campaign is making waves on the web. The campaign required women to describe themselves to forensics sketch artist Gil Zamora. A stranger would then describe the same women to Zamora, with interesting results. The sketches described by the strangers were often prettier than how the women described themselves. Once again, Dove challenges how people perceive themselves.


Today: Dove Viral Video

Today: Dove Beauty Campaign Sketch Artist Viral Video & Self-Image

The Today Show discussed Dove’s latest beauty campaign about self-perception and women. They tried out Dove’s experiment on two producers and an audience member.

The original video is a viral hit. It currently has 22 million views. In the video, the women don’t know that they’re talking to a sketch artist and didn’t know that they were being drawn. In the end, they saw how the strangers saw them and ultimately how they see themselves.


Today: Dove Sketch Artist Test

Two producers from Today and an audience member underwent the same experiment before the segment. Like the women in the video, they had no idea that they were being drawn.

One producer, Kate, had flatter pictures. She said it was difficult to describe her look and she felt like she was describing someone at a crime scene. Another producer, Michelle, described herself as having a roundish face with distinctive eyebrows. Both of her pictures were also flattering. She thought the stranger’s description was more representative of how she looked.

The audience member, Vicky, had the most obvious differences between her pictures. The stranger’s picture was much prettier. Vicky said the word she used most to describe herself was ‘normal.’ She also seemed very stunned by the results of the experiment.

Today: Self-Perception & Body Image

Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein joined the segment. She said that women are not generally positive about themselves and that they tend to overlook their strengths. Hartstein said that this has social repercussions and is partially caused by the media.

Today: Women Vs Men Self-Image

For every viral hit there is an equally viral parody. Today showed a spoof video of how men saw themselves versus how women saw them. The men saw themselves as handsome movie stars, like Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and George Clooney, and the women saw them as far creepier versions of themselves. The women also described less pleasant aspects of the men, like they might look like they smell.

Savannah Guthrie asked Hartstein if she thought men were more confident about their looks. Hartstein said that a factor of this could be that there is a greater level of acceptance for men to look as they are.


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