Today: Does Gabi Gregg’s XOJane Fat-Kini Gallery Promote Obesity?


Today: Fat Girls In Bikinis

A 25-year-old fashion blogger, Gabi Gregg,  is rejecting society’s notions of beauty, and she says she’s overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the plus size Bikini Vacation photos she posted on her blog.

Gabi Gregg’s two-piece photos from a recent vacation have inspired other women to follow suit and feel comfortable in their skin. She shared her story with the Today Show.


Gabi Gregg Fat-Kini: Today Show

Gabi Gregg talked about the Fat-Kini campaign to encourage women to embrace their bodies & enjoy Bikini Season.

This is the second summer that Gabi has promoted positive body image, and this year she worked with to create a gallery of plus size women showing off their Bikini Bodies.

Today: Gabi Gregg Fat-Kini Gallery Review

The XOJane Fat-Kini Gallery features a total of 30 women flaunting their Summer Fashions, and Gabi Gregg is behind the idea, which is generating positive reviews from women around the world.


“I reallyI think it’s about empowering women, and I think so often in the media, all we see is thin women in bikinis,” Gabi Gregg said. “And I really wanted to challenge that and say, ‘They’re not the only ones.’ …I think all women are beautiful, but I think we should see all types of bodies in swimwear.”

Today: Does Fat-Kini Gallery Promote Obesity?

Gabi Gregg said her readers and fans were supportive of the project, and she credits her family and friends for instilling her with confidence. “I think we should reject these fashion rules about what we are and what we are not allowed to wear,” she said.

As for the critics who say the campaign promotes obesity, Gabi said that people have to be comfortable with the reality of their bodies, “regardless of where we are in our journey to health.”

She said she’s focused on health, but she’s happy with her body’s size and shape. “I just believe personally that my measure for health is how good I feel,” Gabi Gregg said, encouraging everyone to think about what they put in their bodies.

Gabi Gregg said she chose high-waisted swimwear that is flattering to her figure.

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