Redbook Wedding Dress Challenge: Today Show


Today: Redbook Wedding Dress Challenge

Your wedding day is a special time, and you probably planned everything from the appetizers to your Bridal Makeup. But after a few years of marriage, would you be able to squeeze back into your wedding dress? The June issue of Redbook magazine shared the results of readers who undertook a four-month Redbook Wedding Dress Challenge.

Today: Lisa Barksdale Fit In Her Wedding Dress

Redbook Wedding Dress Challenge: Today Show

The Redbook Wedding Dress Challenge encouraged women to get healthy & fit back into their wedding dresses.


“We liked the symbolism of the wedding dress,” said Jill Herzig, Redbook editor-in-chief. “Because your wedding is, for many women, the last time that you put your health and your well being first.” That’s kind of a sad assumption to make about married women, Redbook.

Anyway, 12 women took on Redbook’s challenge. Among them was 42-year-old Lisa Barksdale, a mother of two who succeeded at getting back into her dress. She lost 38 pounds through exercise and keeping a food journal.

“It was a time when I was marrying my best friend, and I want to relive that moment,” Lisa said. “Slipping it on was just magical.”


Redbook Wedding Dress Challenge: Alisa Laventure

Alisa Laventure also took on the challenge, and she fit back into her dress also. She focused on portion control and being active, in addition to her responsibilities as a mom.

“It’s been really, really good, and I want to just thank Redbook,” Alisa said.

Today Wedding Weight: Jualita McGee

Jualita McGee was the third model who shared her success story on Today. She also got back to her wedding weight by losing 21 pounds.

She credits “hard work” and “portion control” with her success at getting back into that wedding dress. Her husband even got in on the process, losing 22 pounds.

Fit Back In Your Wedding Dress: Redbook June 2012

For more success stories, you can read about the journeys these women and nine others took on in the June 2012 issue of Redbook. Follow their four-month transformations and see if you can get some ideas on getting back to your own wedding weight, or at least get motivated to explore healthy habits all summer long.


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