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Today’s Health: Embarrassing Health Questions

Taking a page from Dr Oz’s Show, the Today Show tackled some delicate Viewer Health Questions that people might not be comfortable bringing up with their doctors. Answering these questions on the show was Women’s Health magazine contributor Dr Keri Peterson, the very same woman who recently shared medical advice with Dr Oz’s audience. Do you need advice for overcoming public speaking anxiety, controlling urinary incontinence, or avoiding germs in public bathrooms? Read on to get those and more answers.

Today: How To Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety: Today's Health

Public Speaking Anxiety is a major fear among adults, but there are ways you can cope with the situation.


One viewer asked about the physical symptoms they experience when faced with public speaking, such as increased heart rate, blushing, and a quivering voice. Dr Keri Peterson noted that this is the #1 fear among American adults, and affects all types of people. Here’s here advice on the subject:

  • Deep breathing is very effective before and during your speech, which will help you keep from tensing your vocal cords.
  • Avoid caffeine or other stimulants that can worsen anxiety symptoms.
  • Practice your message in the mirror or with family or friends.
  • Beta Blockers can block the effects of adrenaline, helping you create “the appearance that you’re calm.”
  • People with severe anxiety might want to address their fears in therapy.

Today: Constipation While Traveling

Another viewer anonymously wondered why they get constipated while traveling, and how to avoid it. Dr Keri Peterson reported that this is a common complaint among travelers.

Air travel dehydrates you, which is one factor. Plus, your routine is disrupted. You may be jet lagged, eating out more than usual, or under unusual stress. There are four Women’s Health tips that Dr Peterson shared to avoid constipation on your next trip.

  • Increase Fiber
  • Drink lots of water
  • Exercise
  • Carry an over the counter Laxative

Today: Kegel Exercise for Incontinence

A woman said she has trouble Controlling Her Urine while performing routine daily activities. Dr Keri Peterson called this Stress Incontinence, which is reported by many women after childbirth. “The pelvic muscles dilate and weaken when you give birth,” she said. It’s also a symptom of aging or menopause. Being overweight is a factor, and the embarrassing symptom of this is trouble controlling urine.

Dr Peterson recommended Kegel Exercises that clench the pelvic muscles. She recommended three daily sets of 10 repetitions. Clench the pelvic muscles for three seconds; then release them for three seconds, gradually building up your time.

Today: Hand Swelling While Walking

Do you notice that after a long period of walking, your hands start to swell? That was the next viewer health question. Dr Peterson said this can make sufferers uncomfortable. She noted that blood rushes to muscles during exercise; the blood vessels in your hands may dilate to make up for this. As your body heats up from exercise, the blood flow evens out, which can cause swelling if blood vessels in your hands were already dilated.

Today: Public Toilet Seat Germs

There’s nothing fun about this next question, but it’s something we all deal with, whether we like to think about it or not. What are the health risks of using a Public Toilet Seat? “Toilet seats are very, very dirty, there’s no doubt about it,” Dr Peterson said. But you’re not likely to get sick from the bacteria on them, because the skin is usually an effective barrier against them.

You can protect yourself by taking extra precautions if you have an open wound on the buttocks. Also, avoid obviously filthy toilets whenever possible, and use toilet paper to protect yourself. Washing your hands is key, because hands can easily come in contact with these surfaces, and then you will unconsciously touch your face.

Today’s Headlines: Seattle Shooting Spree Aftermath

  • The brother of a Seattle man who went on a shooting spree this week called the deceased shooter “mentally ill.”
  • Former President George W. Bush returns to the White House today for the unveiling of his official presidential portrait.
  • The remnants of Tropical Storm Beryl caused a tornado and heavy rains in North Carolina.
  • New Mexico is experiencing its biggest wildfire in the state’s history.
  • The North Carolina site where the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games was shot is now for sale for just $1.2 million.
  • An Ohio woman was charged with Criminal Trespass after two recent incidents where she broke into homes to clean them, leaving behind a handwritten bill with her name on it.
  • Justin Bieber fans had to rein themselves in during an outdoor concert in Oslo, Norway, at a free outdoor concert. Police were prepared to declare a state of emergency, but the show went on as planned.


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