Eat Smart Today: Reduced Fat Vs Nonfat Cheese & One Egg Per Day


Eat Smart Today: Bad Foods That Are Good For You

There are lots of diet and nutrition rules we’re all taught to believe. But the most important aspect of any part of your diet is portion control. Madelyn Fernstrom is Today’s Diet and Nutrition Editor, and she schooled the Today team on incorporating favorite foods into our diet in healthier ways. That reminds me of Dr Oz’s recent Broken Diet Rules show. Get food advice on Reduced Fat Vs Nonfat Cheese, daily Egg intake & more.

Reduced Fat Vs Nonfat Cheese: Eat Smart Today

Learn whether Reduced Fat Vs Nonfat Cheese is better for your diet & why to eat one egg per day.


Eat Smart Today: Reduced Fat Vs Nonfat Cheese

Cheese has high fat and calorie content, and Madelyn Fernstrom said it’s best to think of it as a condiment rather than an ingredient. She suggested focusing on high flavor cheeses, noting that “a little goes a long way.” If you’re sticking with regular cheese, choose reduced fat instead of nonfat so you still get to enjoy the flavor. Blue Cheese is another high flavor alternative.

Eat Smart Today: One Egg Per Day

“Eggs are actually nature’s most digestible protein,” Madelyn Fernstrom said. They’re high in iron as well, and they’re affordable. But portion control is important here. Try limiting yourself to one egg, or mix one whole egg with additional egg whites to stretch out your breakfast.

Eat Smart Today: White Pasta

White Pastas don’t have many nutrients, so it can take a lot to fill you up. Instead, look for Whole Wheat Pasta that has high fiber. Mix vegetables into your pasta dish for added volume and more nutrients.


“You do have to measure it out and have portion control,” Madelyn Fernstrom said, noting that red sauces can be just as fatty as white sauces.

Eat Smart Today: Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are a great vegetable, because they are loaded with Vitamin C, Potassium, and Fiber. It’s not the potato’s fault that it tastes great with sour cream. For more Vitamin A in your diet, a baked Sweet Potato is a good option.

Eat Smart Today: Iceberg Lettuce

Though it’s not very nutrient dense, there are some upsides to Iceberg Lettuce. It’s got high water content, which can help keep you hydrated, which is especially important in the hot summer months.

If you’re a big snacker, Lettuce is the way to go. “You can eat a whole head for less than 25 calories,” Madelyn said.

Eat Smart Today: Bananas

When picking out Bananas, measure them with the span of your hand to select a medium size. They’re a great way to load up on Vitamin B6, Potassium, and Fiber with around 100 calories and a satisfying taste.

Eat Smart Today: Red Meat

As for Red Meat, choose leaner options so you can still enjoy your favorites without the added calories.


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