$200,000 Homes Across America: Barbara Corcoran Today


Today’s Real Estate: $200,000 Homes

How much house does $200,000 buy you these days? That depends on where you’re looking. Today Show real estate expert Barbara Corcoran from TV’s Shark Tank shared some of the $200,000 Homes she found from around the country.

Today: Traditional Colonial Illinois Home

In Montgomery, Illinois, she found a Traditional Colonial style house for $165,000. “They’re always the highest price houses on any block,” she said, noting the family’s big back yard and privacy fence.


Today: $200 000 Homes For Sale

Barbara Corcoran highlighted $200 000 Homes For Sale across America, from Pennsylvania to Alabama.

Barbara Corcoran said changing the drapes and furniture to brighter colors would help to play up the home’s natural light and modern open concept style. The show also has wood cabinets, and the home is just 40 miles out of hicago.

Today $200,000 Homes: Alabama Brick House

In Harvest, Alabama, there’s a home on the market for $190,000, plus you can share a ZIP code with my parents. The full brick house features low taxes of just $560 a year, a giant back yard, and a cost of living 3.5% lower than the US average.


Tall ceilings, a fireplace, hardwood floors and big windows are among the home’s features, though the kitchen could use repainting.

Today: Pennsylvania Victorian

You can move into a hip neighborhood with a $185,000 home in Observatory Hill, Pennsylvania. “It’s loaded up with these kinds of old historic homes,” Barbara Corcoran said, noting the 20th century brick Victorian home’s local architecture and original moldings and details.

Though it only has one bathroom, it would be easy to add more, and there are seven fireplaces throughout the home, as well as original cabinets. “They really kept the tone of the house intact,” she said.

This looked like a true piece of Americana, with more personality than some of the newer homes featured in this segment.

Today $200,000 Homes: Dallas Ranch Home

For $159,000, you can get a ranch house in East Dallas, Texas. A new deck in the back is a great outdoor living area, and the home features bright rooms and updated touches as well as crown molding. There’s plenty of room for an office, as well as plenty of options to make any of these homes your own.

If you had the cash, would you want to buy one of these $200,000 Homes or invest in building your own dream house?

In addition to her real estate empire, Barbara Corcoran keeps busy with her side project as an investor on Shark Tank, with encores airing Friday nights on ABC.


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