Today Show: Martha Stewart Potato Stamp How-To & Giant Bubble Wand DIY


Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Kid Friendly Projects

For parents waiting anxiously for their kids to go back to school, Martha Stewart had a bunch of cool crafts for kids to keep them busy. Try these summer themed ideas to get creativity flowing.

Today Show: Martha Stewart Potato Stamp How-To & Giant Bubble Wand DIY

Martha Stewart brought out her 175 projects for kids from her crafting book. She has a DIY giant bubble wand and how-to potato stamping.


Today Show: Martha Stewart Giant Bubble Wand DIY

You will need: liquid dish soap, light corn syrup, large shallow container, cotton twins, drinking straw, bubble solution, scissors.

Bubble Solution Directions: Pour 10 cups water, 4 cups dish soap, and 1 cup corn syrup in a container and stir to combine. You can also use store bought solution.

Thread the twine through 2 straws, cutting off any flexible part of the straw. Make a rectangle with straws as the long sides. Knot and trim the excess. You are ready to dip and blow bubbles.


Today: Martha Stewart Potato Tee Shirt Stamp

You will need: Potato, tee shirt, paint, knife, cookie cutter.

Directions: Martha made a teeshirt stamp with a potato. All you need to do is take the potato and have a parent or adult cut out shapes with a knife or cookie cutter. Stab the stamp with a fork to use as a handle, but don’t go all the way through the potato. Dip it in paint and then stamp and press on a teeshirt. Applying more pressure will give you a better stamp.

Today Show: Martha Stewart Decorated Flip Flops How-To

You will need: Flip flops, decorations (Martha used plastic animals and butterflies), Tacky Glue, binder clips

Directions: A great idea for summer birthday party favors, Martha’s flip flop how-to is really easy and an overnight project. Just take the flip flops and pick out whatever decoration you like – Martha used plastic bugs, butterflies, and frogs. Glue them to the strap of the flip flop and hold in place with a binder clip. Viola!


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