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Best of Martha Stewart Living Organizing Review

Martha Stewart was on the Today Show to talk about her new book called Best of Martha Stewart Living: Organizing, perhaps a sequel to her book called Good Things For Organizing.  She showed off her talent at organizing a home office, which she said is something that every home needs (even if it is a desk in your kitchen or a hallway).  Here are some tips she shared to get you started.

Today Show: Martha Stewart Ingrid Desk Review

Martha Stewart picked a cute little white desk that can be found in the Home Decorators catalog (which is owned by Home Depot).


Martha Stewart Home Office

Martha Stewart organized a home office on the Today Show.

The desk of course comes from the Martha Stewart Living Collection and is called “The Martha Stewart Living Collection Ingrid Desk.” At just $379 (plus shipping), the price cannot be beat for a simple yet sweet white desk.  She also sells a whole assortment of different pieces that match the Ingrid Desk, like bookcase, side chairs and even a dining room table.

Martha’s Magnetic Office Board

What do you do with the wall space over your desk?  If you want to be organized, then wall space is critical!  You can put up a piece of steel on your wall to make a “magnetic board” and then you can get magnetic spice holders (like these fabulous Magnetic Containers) to hold things like paper clips, rubberbands, and all of your little office accessories.


Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint

Next, you need a place to write your “To-Do List.”  And what looks more nostalgic than a chalk board?  Now you can buy Chalkboard Paint and paint a chalkboard anywhere you would like, and in any size or shape that you choose.  You can even nail in a little ledge to hold your chalk and eraser!

Martha’s Home Office Organize Tips

And have you seen the new Martha Stewart Desk Organizers available at Staples?  They are now carrying a whole line of gorgeous boxes and things to organize your office while looking chic.

Today Show: Martha Stewart Clipboard

Martha Stewart said on the Today Show that a great way to stay organized is by putting things onto clipboards.  You can have a different clipboard for each person in your house.  Or you can have separate clipboards for different things like bills, invitations, to-do lists etc.  But who wants a bunch of ugly clipboards lying around?  So Martha showed how to make Customized Clipboards.  All you have to do is get some pretty paper or thin fabric and decoupage it onto your clipboard.  Voila!  Pretty clipboards all around!


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