KLG & Hoda: Should You Tell the Host When You See Someone Double Dip?


Kathie Lee & Hoda Webtastic: Pudding Surprise Video

In this week’s Webtastic segment, Mark, who has a fear of dirty diapers, was surprised with a diaper that was actually filled with chocolate pudding. Mark swore he could smell the dirty diaper. Check out the video to see his reaction for yourself.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: “When Push Comes To Shove” Etiquette Game

Guest host Whitney Cummings and Hoda went head to head in an etiquette game called “When Push Comes To Shove.” Whitney was shocked that someone thought she needed to learn etiquette. Robin Abrahams, a columnist for the Boston Globe Magazine and author of Miss Conduct’s Mind Over Manners, put the ladies to the test. I use “ladies” loosely because clearly one of these women is not a lady. Check out the questions from the game:


KLG & Hoda: Should You Tell the Host When You See Someone Double Dip?

Would you tell the host if you saw someone double dip at a party?

  • It is not polite to talk about money, true or false? False. This one surprised me, and Hoda as well. Apparently you shouldn’t talk about money, but it’s not rude.
  • If you’re single and you receive a wedding invitation addressed to only you, can you call and ask to bring your boyfriend? No. If the invitation doesn’t specify that there’s a plus one, you can’t bring one. Interestingly, Abrahams said that you don’t need to bring a gift to the wedding. Would you ever not bring a gift to a wedding?
  • It is appropriate to discuss a co-worker’s body hair on live television, true or false? False
  • A wedding gift should cost around the same price as the per person cost of the wedding, true or false? False
  • It brightens a woman’s day when a strange man says, “Smile baby!” true or false? False
  • If you’re at a party and you see someone double dip, you should discreetly mention it to the host, true or false? True, especially during flu season.

Hoda was the winner, but Whitney got the prize – a copy of Abrahams’ book.


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