Today Show: Goody Quikstyle Microfiber Brush Review


Today Show: Goody Microfiber Brush Review

The Today Show demonstrated a brilliant new Microfiber Brush called the Goody Quikstyle.  The segment left me asking the age old question – why didn’t I think of that?  There have not been too many groundbreaking, earth shattering “innovations” in the area of hairbrushes lately … but this definitely has everyone jumping up and down with excitement.  Goody took a classic paddle brush and surrounded the bristles with a microfiber fabric.  If you have ever used a microfiber towel or rag, you probably already know why this is exciting … but just in case you are staring at the computer screen with a big question mark over your head … microfiber is an extremely absorbent material.  By incorporating microfiber in between the bristles of a brush, your hair will dry faster just by brushing it.  It is even more exciting for those of us who blow dry our hair regularly, because less blow drying time means less heat damage.  I definitely look forward to testing out this Microfiber Brush in March 2012 (check back here for an updated review once they are released!).

Goody Microfiber Brush Review

The Today Show featured the Goody Quickstyle Microfiber Brush.


Goody Double Wear Review

Goody (a company I have loved since I was a little kid!) has been creating so many exciting new hair products over the last few years.  I don’t know who is in charge of research and development at Goody, but kudos to whoever the genius is!  I have tried the Goody Spin Pin, which lets you make an easy up-do in just seconds … and I still do not quite understand how it works, but it held my heavy hair in a bun for hours.  One of Goody’s latest innovations is the Goody Double Wear line of hair rubberbands that doubles as a piece of jewelry.  At some point we have all been guilty of wearing hair bands on our wrists (what is a girl to do on the way to the gym or when out for walk?).  Is it attractive? Not particularly.  Is it functional?  Totally. But Goody combined beauty with functionality to create a hair accessory and jewelry piece all-in-one.  I also recently came across Hair Banglez, another take on combining a hair accessory with jewelry.  The Hair Banglez product lets you turn any regular hair rubberband into a bangle bracelet.  Love all of these hair innovations!


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