Today Show: Canned Vs Frozen Veggies & Organic Vs Fresh Fruits


Kathie Lee & Regis: Do You Know What You’re Buying?

Kathie Lee and Regis were joined by Madelyn Fernstrom, Today Show Diet and Nutrition Expert, as they continued their look into “Do You Know What You’re Buying?” They recently learned about Greek Vs Regular Yogurt and Tap Vs Bottled Water. Not it is all about the facts on organic vs fresh fruits and fresh vs frozen vegetables.

Kathie Lee & Regis: Organic Vs Fresh Fruit

Kathie Lee & Regis talk with Madelyn Fernstrom, Today Diet Expert, on the facts on fresh, frozen, canned and organic fruits and vegetables.

Kathie Lee Gifford & Regis Philbin talk with Madelyn Fernstrom, Today Diet and Nutrition Expert, on the facts on fresh, frozen, canned and organic fruits and vegetables.


Madelyn Ferstrom said that nutrient-wise they are the same, but you would have to wash the fresh fruit. Madelyn said you should wash all fruit thoroughly before eating. She said you should aim for organic for fruits, which are consumed most often.

Kathie Lee & Regis: Fresh Vs Frozen Fruit

Madelyn Fernstrom said that nutrients for fresh and frozen fruit are equivalent. If you are looking to save money, frozen fruits can help you in that area. Also, Madelyn said that frozen fruits can be a good option for cooking.

Watermelons: Seeds Vs Seedless

Madelyn Fernstrom said the most economical choice is watermelon with seeds. If you want, you can save money by cutting up melon yourself. For watermelon without seeds, you can expect to pay twice as much for getting watermelon with seeds.


Kathie Lee & Regis: Canned Exotic Fruits

Madelyn Fernstrom said that for some fruits, like exotic fruits, canned is a better option. Madelyn said that canned can help exotic fruits, like mandarins.

Kathie Lee & Regis: Canned Vs Fresh Vs Frozen Vegetables

Madelyn Fernstrom said that when choosing canned vegetables you should look for reduced salt canned vegetables. Also, she said to choose season fresh produce for a better value.

Kathie Lee & Regis: Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

When all is said and done, Madelyn Fernstrom said that we all need to eat more fruits and vegetables than we do now. She said to aim for at least 5 servings a day and you can save money with canned and frozen vegetables and fruits.


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