Stila Cosmetics, Oribe, Scotte Vest & Magentic Collar Stays Reviews


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Fashion Emergency Products

Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Jill Martin, Today Show style contributor and author of I Have Nothing To Wear!,  who shared everything you need for a fashion emergency, including Scotte Vest, Oribe and Stila Cosmetics reviews.

Fashion Emergency: Scotte Vest Review

Stila Cosmetics, Oribe, Scotte Vest & Magentic Collar Stays Reviews

Jill Martin shared everything you need for a fashion emergency, including Scotte Vest, Oribe, Stila Cosmetics & Magnetic Collar Stays reviews


Jill suggested Clothing with Secret Compartments starting at $50 from Scotte Vest. She said you workout during the day and then jacket turns into a vest and it has compartments inside to hold things. She said it is like having a wallet or purse in your jacket and it is great for people that like to be hands-free.

Fashion Emergency: Hanes Hosiery Review

Jill suggested Tights and Leggings In One for $15 from Hanes Hosiery. She said they are leggings that become tights.

Fashion Emergency: C. Wonder Review

Jill suggested Envelope Clutch and Belt Letters for $38-68 from C. Wonder. She said it can hold your Kindle Fire, but it can also double as a clutch if you are going out at night. The letter your can put on your belt and it spruces up your outfit.


Fashion Emergency: Fashion First Aid Kit Review

Jill suggested Fashion First Aid Kit for $2.95 from Solutions That Stick. She said they are doing this special for Fashion Week and it has everything to help with pit stains, nip slips, ring around the collar and more and it fits right in your purse.

Fashion Emergency: L’Occitane Review

Jill suggested Scent From Home and Travel for $10-45 from L’Occitane. She said it smells great and it will take you from day to night and loves that it is a fall scent.

Fashion Emergency: Oribe Review

Jill suggested Hair Product Single Use Packets for $19.50 from Oribe. She said it is a really good shampoo and conditioner and you can take it right with you.

Fashion Emergency: Stila Cosmetics Review

Jill suggested an All-In-One Foundation, Concealer and Brushes for $39-44 from Stila Cosmetics. She said it is all in one and really nice.

Fashion Emergency: Duality Cosmetics Review

Jill suggested Nail Polish, Remover Pads and File In One for $15 from Duality Cosmetics. She said you only need one thing with this product.

Fashion Emergency: Niks Naks Placemats Review

Jill suggested Placemats for $40 for a set of 25 from Niks Naks. She said they are disposable, personalized placemats. If you are having a dinner party or an emergency in your kitchen, these are fun.

Fashion Emergency: Magnetic Collar Stays Review

Jill suggested Magnetic Collar Stays for $40 for six sets from Wurkin Stiffs. She said this is for your man’s fashion emergency.


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