Organizing Your Playroom: Tool Caddy & Lego Storage Bricks Reviews


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Tips on Organizing Your Playroom

The ladies continued their series on helping you get organized and they tackled that room that never gets clean: your child’s playroom! Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Taryn Mohrman, Lifestyle Editor at Parents Magazine, who shared tips on cleaning up the playroom, including P’Kolino Toy Chest, The Macbeth Collection and Lego Storage Bricks reviews. You can also check out their tips on organizing mail, bathroom and bedroom.

Organizing Your Playroom: Lego Storage Bricks Review

Organizing Your Playroom: Tool Caddy & Lego Storage Bricks Reviews

Taryn Mohrman shared tips on cleaning up the playroom, including P’Kolino Toy Chest, The Macbeth Collection, Tool Caddy and Lego Storage Bricks reviews.


Taryn said they have two rules when cleaning a playroom: get things off the floor and pick storage that has doors, lips and covers to conceal things. She suggested Lego Storage Bricks for $5 and $15 each from Container Store. She said they stack themselves and they feel like a toy and it gets kids excited to clean up.

Organizing Your Playroom: Stash Storage Unit Review

Taryn suggested Stash Storage Unit for $25 from Boon Inc. She said she loves it for craft supplies because each material can have its own compartment. You can also hang it up, so if you have younger siblings you have the option to get it up and away from them.

Organizing Your Playroom: The Macbeth Collection Review

Taryn suggested Tool Caddy and Mail Pocket for $48 each from The Macbeth Collection. She said it is great for portability and kids can move their toys around the playroom and even throw it in the car. She said the mail pockets are great to store other things and can be hung on the wall.


Organizing Your Playroom: P’Kolino Toy Chest Review

Taryn suggested P’Kolino Toy Chest for $73 from Wayfair. She said toy chests have come a really long way. She said it has a top, so you can quickly conceal what is inside.

Organizing Your Playroom: 3 Sprouts Review

Taryn suggested Storage Bins and Wall Hanging Organizer for $26 to $32 each from 3 Sprouts. She said you have soft storage, which you can use for stuffed animals. The matching wall hangers are great for getting things off the floor.

Organizing Your Playroom: Local Branch Library Cart Review

Taryn suggested Local Branch Library Cart for $199 from Land of Nod. She said this is a great way to store all your books and will get kids respecting their books and it has room on the bottom for extra storage.

Organizing Your Playroom: ViaBoxes Review

Taryn suggested Toy Boxes starting at $44 from ViaBoxes. She said this could be her favorite. It is a completely modular system and you can choose what you want and you design it yourself.


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