Made In America: Method Home, Art Goodies & Liberty Table Top Reviews


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Made In America Series

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb continued their five-part series called, Made In America, to help you find the products you want and need that are manufactured right here in America. Check out the other parts of the series: Mom buying American-made products for one weekfashions made in the USA and American-made makeup and beauty products. Kathleen Daelemans, chef and cookbook author, joined the ladies with home and houseware products that from the good ol’ USA. They included Homer Laughlin china, Liberty Table Top reviews and much more.

Made In America: Homer Laughlin China Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda continued their Made In America series, with houseware products all made in the USA, including Liberty Table Top reviews.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb continued their Made In America series, with houseware products all made in the USA, including Method Home, Kitty Pod and Liberty Table Top reviews.


Kathleen Daelemans suggested china for $4.99 and up from Homer Laughlin. Kathleen said it comes in 15 different colors and has a five-year chip warranty. She said they are lead-free and have really great prices and 75 pieces to choose from.

Made In America: Liberty Table Top Flatware Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested flatware for $99.95 from Liberty Table Top. She said this is the only flatware made in the U.S. and the company has been in business since the 1800s.

Made In America: Loon Hardwoods Kitchen Tools Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested kitchen tools for $5 and up from Loon Hardwoods. She said they are made from Michigan glacial hardwood and made by hand. They have tools for non-stick pans, wine racks and more.


Made In American: Art Goodies Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested Art Goodies for $8.99 from Art Goodies. She said this is a Grand Rapids, MI, studio and everything is made with 100% organic cotton and vintage fabric. They have little pillows, aprons and all done by hand.

Made In American: Preserve Plastic Ware Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested plastic ware for $2.99 from Preserve. Kathleen said they do housewares from 100% recycled plastic. She said it is US-source recycled plastic, so it’s our garbage. Kathleen said it’s got a great feel and they come in all different colors

Made In America: Method Home Cleaning Supplies Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested cleaning supplies for $3.99 and up from Method Home. She said the company wanted to put the hurt on dirt, but not harm a hair on your head. Kathleen said all the products are organic and pet-friendly.

Made In America: Main Street Revolution Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested pet treats for $7.99 from She said has a whole section of their website called Main Street Revolution, which is dedicated to U.S. small businesses and minority-owned businesses so they can have access to that national marketplace. Some of the products included some great cat nip from Ruff Stuff USA and Mosaic hand-made pet beds, which are machine washable.

Made In America: Kitty Pod Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested a kitty pod for $26 from Kitty Pod. She said they are heavy-duty, recycled cardboard habitats for your cat and they are built to last.

Made In America: Stickley Wood Furniture Review

Kathleen Daelemans suggested wood furniture for $236 and up from Stickley. She said they have been making furniture since the 1900s and this is the kind of furniture you pass down from generation to generation.


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