Made In America: Amy Matto Dress, Siwy Jeans & Sbicca Footwear Reviews


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Made In America Series

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb continued their five-part series called, Made In America, which is to help you find the products you want and need that are manufactured right here in America. Check out part one of the series with a Mom buying American-made products for one week. Bobbie Thomas, from and Today Show Style Editor, joined the ladies today to talk fashions all made in the USA, including an Amy Matto dress, Sbicca Footwear reviews and more.

Made In America: Amy Matto Dress Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda continued their Made In America series, as Bobbie Thomas shared clothes made in the USA including Sbicca Footwear reviews.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb continued their Made In America series for The Today Show, as Bobbie Thomas shared clothes made in the USA including Amy Matto dress, OKA b. ballet flats and Sbicca Footwear reviews.


Bobbie Thomas brought in a Signature Front Twist Dress for $99 from Amy Matto. Bobbie said it comes with sleeves or sleeveless and so many colors. She said it’s not too thin and has a slip underneath and very comfortable.

Made In America: Denim Designers

Bobbie Thomas said there are so many great denim designers here in the US starting from affordable to designer. She brought in assorted jeans ranging from $70 and up. The styles she suggested are Longhorn Jeans, Siwy Jeans and Habitual Denim. Bobbie said you can find anything…any color, any size, any fit.

Made In American: Department Store Websites

Bobbie Thomas said you can search for Made In USA on department store websites, like Nordstrom and Lane Bryant, and they will bring up the items they offer at that store that were made in the USA. Bobbie said you can make that extra step to find Made in the USA.


Made In America: Find American Products Online

Bobbie Thomas suggested, which is your online source for all things made in the USA, Bobbie brought in some jewelry from the website for $12 and up.

Made In America: Gorjana & Griffin and Soraya by Rozi Reviews

Bobbie Thomas brought in assorted jewelry ranging from $25 and up from Gorjana & Griffin and Soraya by Rozi. Bobbie said it is beautiful stuff and affordable.

Made In America: Sbicca Footwear Review

Bobbie Thomas brought in sandals from Sbicca Footwear that cost $64-80. The sandals are made in California and Bobbie said they are like walking on pillows plus you get the heel.

Made In America: OKA b. Ballet Flats Review

Bobbie Thomas brought in Ballet Flats for $45 from OKA b. Bobbie said they come with or without the embellishment and a wide variety of colors.

Made In America: Far West Chemise Review

Bobbie Thomas said it’s a saving grace when you have a short dress to help make it longer. A Far West Chemise can help extend a short dress. Bobbie said the chemise comes in a long or skirt version.


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