KLG & Hoda: UMSkinCheck App & iTriage App Review & Easter Basket Ideas


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Best Medical Smartphone Apps

Did you know there are new apps that claim they can heal or diagnose medical conditions? Women’s Health magazine features editor Sascha de Gersdorff joined Hoda and guest host Whitney Cummings to share these apps.

De Gersdorff said there are over 40,000 of these apps and usually they’re kind of sketchy. She said there are four that she likes and trusts.


American Red Cross First Aid App

KLG & Hoda: UMSkinCheck App & iTriage App Review & Easter Basket Ideas

The UMSkinCheck app will help you check your body for skin cancer warning signs.

The first app is called First Aid and it’s by the American Red Cross – a reliable source. If you’re in an emergency situation you can choose your injury from a menu and watch videos, see pictures and read frequently asked questions.

iTriage App

De Gersdorff said iTriage is like an encyclopedia of medical knowledge. It also helps you find a doctor that’s near you.


UMSkinCheck App

UMSkinCheck is an app that was developed by the University of Michigan. It’s a comprehensive app that gives you information on all things skin cancer and skin cancer prevention. There’s also a risk calculator and you can put in where you live, what your gender is, etc to find out how careful you need to be.


HealthTap was the final app they shared. De Gersdorff said she likes this one because you can actually interact with doctors. Within 24 hours a doctor will get back to you when you submit a question.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Deborah Stumm Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Hoda and Deborah Stumm, founder of Super Moms 360, shared the best things (besides candy) that you can put in your child’s Easter basket, all for under $20. Stumm said you can usually find all the “baskets” sitting around your house. The first basket was called “Fit and Fun” and it featured a soccer ball, tennis balls, trail mix, granola bars and more all in an athletic bag.

The “Beauty Basket” had nail polish, a pedicure set, loofas, nail files and a hairbrush in a cute polka dot bag. Stumm said you can check out your local dollar store for lots of inexpensive beauty items. The “School is Cool” basket had a calculator, chalk, flashcards, Goldfish, a map and more educational toys. This basket can be created based off of your child’s age.

The “Green Thumb” basket had seeds, a watering can, gummy worms and gardening tools in a pot. This is perfect for the new spring season! The “Fun in the Sun” basket featured sunglasses, flip flops, Swedish Fish and water toys in a pail. The last basket was called “Baker-to-Be” and had a spatula, muffin cups, muffin tins, frosting, sprinkles and other cute baking supplies.


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