KLG & Hoda: Healthiest Packaged Foods & Drop 10 Pounds by Memorial Day


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Drop 10 Pounds By Memorial Day Diet

Dropping 10 pounds by Memorial Day may seem really difficult to do, but Kathie Lee and Hoda said it is as easy as dropping 500 calories a day from your diet. You don’t even need to exercise. To get some advice on how to knock 500 calories off your regular diet, they called on the help of diet and nutrition expert Madelyn Fernstrom.

The number one thing everyone needs to do for the diet to work is start keeping a food log. Fernstrom said a food log will keep you from eating fatty foods as well as help you track how much food you eat on a daily basis. It gives you a chance to see what you ate during the day and then calculate the calories you ate so you truly know where the extra weight is coming from.


KLG & Hoda: Healthiest Packaged Foods & Drop 10 Pounds by Memorial Day

Kathie Lee and Hoda looked at the healthiest packaged foods, and they went over the best way to lose 10 pounds by memorial day by eating 500 less calories a day.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Water Down Orange Juice To Save Calories

Fernstrom said one of the best ways to knock off almost 100 calories every day is to water down the juice you drink in the morning. She said it will taste a little different but you will have already knocked off 100 calories you normally take in during breakfast.

Other ways to cut back on calories throughout the day include:

  • Eat plain oatmeal – Saves 50 calories
  • Eat egg whites and light English muffin – Saves 75 calories
  • Stop using mayonnaise on sandwiches. Instead use skinny bread and mustard – Saves 200 calories
  • Swap out soda for seltzer water – Saves 50 calories
  • For dinner, instead of a burger with 80/20 fat, eat a leaner burger with a light roll and baked fries instead of deep fried fries – Save 425 calories

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Healthiest Packaged Foods On the Market

For everyone out there who reads the label of every food product you buy, you don’t have to do that anymore. Prevention magazine took over the task for you and after eating every kind of healthy food they could find in the grocery store, they compiled a list of the 100 healthiest packaged foods.

All the foods listed below have no BPAs, no GMOs or ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Plus, they all taste excellent:

CerealEzekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin – This product has no extra sugar and it is packed full of heathy whole grains.

MilkSilk Pure Almond – This drink actually has 50 percent more calcium than regular milk. Try putting it in a smoothie.

Eggs – Egg Land’s Best Organic – All the chickens who lay these eggs are on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics given to them.

Butter – Justin’s Classic Almond Butter – This butter has more calcium and more nutrients than peanut butter and there are only two ingredients in the product.

Soup – Trader Joe’s Tomato Soup – This soup has less than 150 milligrams of sodium and one serving is only 100 calories.

Hot Dogs – Applegate Farms Organic Hot Dogs – This hot dog has zero mystery meats in the ingredients. It is simply meat and some spices.

Dinner – Amy’s Mattar Paneer – Gluten-free, vegetarian friendly and it tastes excellent.

Chips – Good Health Avocado Oil Potato Chips

CookiesCybeles Free to Eat Cookies – Only 130 calories in each and a very minimal amount of ingredients.


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