Kathie Lee & Hoda: Squire Rushnell Divine Alignment Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Squire Rushnell Interview

Have you ever heard a song at a certain time and you thought it was a coincidence? Squire Rushnell thinks it is much more than that and he thinks they are signs helping to guide you on your way to your destiny and writes all about it in his book, Divine Alignment.

Squire Rushnell: Life Is Not What It Seems

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Squire Rushnell Divine Alignment Review

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with Squire Rushnell about his new book, Divine Alignment, coincidences and what they mean and much more.


Squire Rushnell said you are not like a twig floating down the stream to destinations unknown. You have a purpose in life and it is full of hope. There is divine alignment that is helping you out and finding your pathway.

Squire Rushnell: His Mission

Squire Rushnell said that part of his mission is to help people become aware of these little moments we call coincidence, but now we have a name for it called Godwake. It’s one of those experiences like a person-to-person call from above. The more you see them, the more you see them.

Squire Rushnell: Divine Alignment Review

Divine Alignment is how we are connected by invisible threads, person-to-person all along our path in life. Squire Rushnell told a story of Diane Lane, who was in New York and was feeling sad because her Dad had recently died. She was in a car on the way to Charlie Rose’s studio in New York and cabs going everywhere. She looked through a window and reminded herself of when she was a kid and her Dad was a cab driver in New York and he drove cab 6F-99. When she arrived at Charlie Rose’s studio, her heart leapt. As she got out, in pulled cab number 6F-99 at the same time at the studio. She felt a peace that came over her that surpassed any understanding.


Squire Rushnell: People That Can’t See Coincidences

Squire Rusnell said this book is simply seven steps that take you by the hand and show you there is a pathway to hope and when you follow these seven steps you can achieve your greatest dreams. Every one of these steps are so simple. Squire said we have a built-in GPS and he calls it God’s Positioning System. How do you program a GPS? You have to talk to the navigator. The whole premise of this book is to keep talking to the navigator.


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