Kathie Lee & Hoda: Preparing Your Home For Summer Parties

With summer parties just around the corner, Accidental Housewife blogger Julie Edelman shared her best tips for cleaning the house and getting the outside ready for hosting a party. She demonstrated easy cleaning tricks for wood and plastic furniture, fences, grills, cushions, and pools. She also demonstrated how to use the Flexable Hose for any household chore.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Outdoor Home Cleaning Tips

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Flexable Hose Review & Coca Cola BBQ Grill Cleaner

Accidental Housewife blogger Julie Edelman shared her easy tricks for outdoor cleaning, including the Flexable Hose.

Julie started her cleaning demonstration by polishing worn wood furniture. She said that wood furniture gets dried out over time, so to revive and rejuvenate your furniture, rub vegetable shortening or cooking spray on with a cloth to shine them up a bit.

Cleaning dirt spots off of plastic furniture or white fences uses a similar trick. To erase those blemishes, scrub shaving cream over the dirt spots.

Today Show: Clean Grill With Coca-Cola

To clean tough build-up off of a grill, Julie suggested scrubbing Coke with a rag for an easy solution. For cushions, Julie recommended spraying vinegar to clean them and prevent mildew. She said that you need to let it sit for about ten minutes and then they will be dry and ready to use.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cleaning Mineral Deposits

Another common issue she addressed was mineral deposits on pool tiles. She suggested mixing one part lemon juice and three parts baking soda and applying the mixture to the tiles. She said that the acidity will break down the mineral deposits, leaving your pool tiles clean and shining.

Today Show: Flexable Hose Review

The last thing Julie recommended was the Flexable Hose. This hose stretches to extend to 25 feet and can be used on any cleaning or watering task. Kathie Lee said that she saw a commercial for the Flex-Able Hose and has since had dreams about using one in her yard.


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