Kathie Lee & Hoda: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Public Speaking Tips


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Still haven’t found that perfect present for Mother’s Day? You’ve only got five days to order a great gift that mom will love, but thanks to Kathie Lee & Hoda, you’ve got plenty of options. Check out these excellent mother’s day gift ideas for every type of mom.

Wilson Creek Winery Almond Champagne

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Mother's Day Gift Ideas & Public Speaking Tips

Kathie Lee and Hoda shared Mother’s Day gift ideas and public speaking tips.


Coyuchi Beneath the Trees Bedding

  • Coyuchi offers 100% organic bedding, plus super luxe pajamas and robes, perfect for mom to relax comfortably.

Hearts Beach Bags

  • from $50
  • Every purchase of a homemade Hearts Beach Bag supports the Amazon rainforest.

Flutter Eyewear Reader Sunglasses

Wimberly Inc Charms

  • Wimblerly Inc mix and match charms are available in many different sizes, colors and styles.

Maddy Nash Clutches

  • from $50
  • Maddy Nash clutches are customizable so you can design one in mom’s favorite color.

Inkaas Sneakers

Hello Mellow

  • from $4
  • Hello Mellow has vegan bath and body products from L.A.’s massage therapist to the stars.

Pro Flower Arrangements

  • from $30
  • You can even order flowers for mom using Facebook! Order a great bouquet from Pro Flower Arrangements from your Facebook page.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Public Speaking Expert Bill Hoogterp

Whether it’s a job interview, a date or a public speaking event, making a good impression is always important. That’s why Kathie Lee & Hoda welcomed Bill Hoogterp, executive coach and founder of public speaking program Own the Room. Bill shared his expert tips on learning how to speak so that everyone takes notice.

Bill Hoogterp: Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking is a common phobia, but it shouldn’t be; according to Bill, “nervousness is just trapped energy.” He believes that the most important first step in conquering a speaking fear is to “get over yourself,” and realize that it’s more about the audience than about you.Bill believes in rehearsing, but not being too rehearsed. Bullet points are better because they help you keep pace without giving the impression of someone reading a script. Stories and humor are always helpful in connecting with an audience, but don’t make too many jokes right off the bat – let them get to know you first.

If you find yourself “blowing it,” revert with humor, sort of like Jennifer Lawrence did when she tripped at the Oscars. Take a deep breath, and continue when you’re ready. “People are rooting for you to do well,” Bill explained. So relax, be yourself, and don’t take public speaking so seriously!



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