Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ice Standard App & EmergenSee Safety App Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Spring Break Safety Apps

Spring break can be a wondrous time of laying out on beaches, drinking fancy, tropical drinks and enjoying the time in the sun. But it isn’t always sunshine on spring break. Things can go wrong and everyone should be prepared just in case. So to help any upcoming spring breakers get ready safety-wise for their vacation, Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with Kathlee Baty, author of College Safety 101.

Do Not Tweet About Your Vacation

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ice Standard App & EmergenSee Safety App Review

Kathie Lee and Hoda looked at some great safety apps, like the Ice Standard app and the EmergenSee app, and safety devices like a doorstop alarm and peephole cover.


Baty said the worst thing you can do before going on spring break is Tweeting about it. She said she knows too many people who have come home to a completely empty house because burglars broke into the house knowing they were on vacation.

EmergenSee App Review

Baty said the EmergenSee app is the best safety app on the market. The app works by streaming live video and audio immediately after a button is pressed. It also has GPS that tracks where the phone is at which it uses to send for help. Baty said this is perfect for any time you get in trouble and you need help fast.

ICE Standard App Review

The ICE Standard app is a program that puts all your information on the lock screen of your phone. It can be used for someone who has severe allergies or other unnoticeable illnesses. They simply fill out the information and if something ever happens the paramedics can look at the phone and know what they need to look out for when trying to save the person’s life.


mPassport App Review

mPassport is great for foreign travelers because the program will find the nearest emergency room, pharmacy, police station or any other essential building for you.

Luna Phone Charger

Sometimes your phone may not be charged and the apps above are going to be useless. Baty suggested buying the Luna phone battery charger which charges a phone battery three times more than a regular phone charger.

Privacy Logic Peephole Cover

Have you ever heard of a peephole reverse viewer? They are a device thieves use to look in rooms through a peephole. Baty said using a peephole cover is the best way to stop anyone from looking in your room.

Door Wedge Alarm

The door wedge alarm is perfect for stopping a door from opening, but if it fails at stopping the door from being opened it starts making a loud noise when the trigger is tripped.


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