Kathie Lee & Hoda: Divine Alignment by Squire Rushnell & God Winks


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Squire Rushnell & Divine Alignment

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Divine Alignment by Squire Rushnell & God Winks

Squire Rushnell stopped by to discuss his concept of divine alignment and his new book.

Squire Rushnell’s new book, Divine Alignment, recalls incredible stories of coincidences, or what Squire calls “God winks,” and he stopped by Kathie Lee & Hoda to discuss the book. He brought with him one “God wink” story, the story of a woman and her long-lost son reconnecting through the nurse that let her hold him for a minute in the hospital when he was born.


This tale of reconnection is one of the incredible stories, or “God winks” told in Divine Alignment. Squire said that often these people with stories of God winks find him and that he is divinely aligned with stories for a book he’s about to write. The book is full of these stories that give hope and encouragement, but it also details steps to take in living a life with God winks.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Squire Rushnell’s Tips For Living Life With God Winks

Squire’s idea of God winks is not necessarily religious, but more the concept of divine intervention and choosing the right path. He said we are being divinely aligned through our own GPS (“God’s Positioning System”) and in his book, he offers steps to navigate through life using that GPS.

He suggested making a list of god winks in your life and keeping it on your refrigerator door. He said that at the end of even one month you will be astonished at how many times something incredible has happened in your own life. He said that in order to fully live life, you must open yourself to the idea and start understanding the presence of God winks and divine alignment.


He said that once you start to accept and understand the concept, you will realize you are on a pathway to more joy and adventure in your life. He said that all of the uncertainty in your life will turn to certainty, giving you a better quality of life.



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    Saw Godwinks for the first time 5/15/2015. Had my own moment in 1969. I was going to school and called home every Wednesday just to check in. Something made made call home on Tuesday and I talked to my Dad for a long time. My Dad died the next day. I will be ever so thankful I called home that day, 12/16/69, a week before Christmas.

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