Kathie Lee & Hoda: Crane Portable Heater, Jimmy Hooks & Winbot Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: New Gadgets For Your Homes

Kathie Lee and Hoda invited Lou Manfredini on the show to talk about all the cool home gadgets he got to look at while at the International Home and Housewares Show. From robots that clean your windows to three different ways you can actually heat your home, Manfredini came up with 10 products Kathie Lee and Hoda really loved.

Crane Portable Heater Review

Crane Portable Heater – Manfredini said this heater can kick off some heat and it is very stylish as well. It even looks like a little fireplace in the front of the heater.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Crane Portable Heater, Jimmy Hooks & Winbot Review

Kathie Lee and Hoda looked at some of the newest home products like Jimmy Hooks, a Crane Portable Heater, the Winbot window cleaning robot and Convert-a-Bench.

Comfort Furnace Review

The Comfort Furnace – This is another stylish heater that will warm a room up quickly. This infrared heater has a sleek style that even comes in camouflage.

Frigidair Valencia Review

Frigidair Valencia – This heater looks like a fireplace but it isn’t actually a fireplace. It looks like a fireplace in the front but the heat comes from the top and the bottom of the gadget.


Oreck VersaVac Review

Oreck VersaVac – This is the standard vacuum cleaner you would use to vacuum the carpet but it comes with a steam attachment as well. The steaming pads clip right into the bottom of the vacuum. Just pull the trigger and start cleaning.

Pooch Power Shovel Review

Pooch Power Shovel – Manfredini said this product is not on the market yet but it should be in a few months. The product is basically a vacuum for your pet’s poop. It just sucks up the poop right off the ground and it can handle dogs all the way up to 80 pounds.

Manfredini also had a compact version of the power shovel which can be used when taking the dog for a walk. Simply suck up the poop into a scented container that is attached to the leash and throw the bag away when you get home.

Winbot Window Cleaner Review

Winbot – The Winbot is simply a robot that cleans your windows. It sticks to the window and uses lasers to map out the window. After the mapping is done it crawls along the window and cleans any blemishes it finds on the glass.

Convert-a-Bench Review

Convert-a-Bench – This bench acts as a bench that can hold up to 600 pounds but it also flips upwards into a table.

Jimmy Hooks Review

Jimmy Hooks – These are made with the same technology as the screen saver that is put over your phone. He said the sticky “hooks” (they are more like sticky pieces of paper) can hold up to five pounds and they come off the wall easily and without damage whenever you want to take them off.

Trash Krusher Review

Trash Krusher – This device is a trash can with a lid that sinks to the bottom of the trash can when force is applied. Manfredini said it is perfect for anytime you need more room in the trash can. Simply “krush” the trash into the bottom and leave yourself some more room. He recommended buying HarmonyX trash bags as well since they are better for the environment.


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