Kathie Lee Chanel Island Nail Polish & Mindy Segal’s Peachy Keen Tarts


Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Favorite Things

For their favorite things segment, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb shared some interesting items and pastry chef Mindy Segal brought in a special treat for the ladies.

Kathie Lee: Chanel Nail Polish “Island”

Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, and Sara Haines each had a nifty recommendation. Up first was Kathie Lee…she says she brings in something new all the time and people don’t always enjoy it, but whenever she changes up her nail polish people always ask about it. So, her favorite thing of the day is Chanel nail polish…the color she is in love with right now is Island, which is a pearly, oyster color. It’s very beachy!


Hoda: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

For Hoda Kotb, her favorite thing is her face cream she uses. It is called Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and she says it works amazingly well for her because her face is so oily. It leaves her face feeling clean and open.

Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss Peachy Keen Tarts with pastry chef, Mindy Segal

Kathie Lee Gifford discuss peachey keen tarts with pastry chef, Mindy Segal, winner of the 2012 James Beard Award. Mindy will serve up the treats at the New York City's Meals-On-Wheels fundraiser tonight.

Sarah Haines: Oribe Beach Spray Review

For Sara Haines, her favorite thing is Oribe Beach Spray. It has no salt in it, so it doesn’t dry out the color of your hair and it gives the tousle look and it smells good. They all enjoy the slogan on the bottle…”Only to be followed with lipstick and heels.”


Peachy Keen Tarts by Mindy Segal

Pastry Chef Mindy Segal Joins Kathie Lee & Hoda

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb announce that tonight is the big celebration/fundraiser for New York City’s Meals-On-Wheels, which prepares and delivers meals to the elderly in the city that are homebound. The chefs at the event are creating meals that are inspired by movies.

Joining Kathie Lee and Hoda in the studio today is Mindy Segal, pastry chef and winner of the 2012 James Beard Award, which is “The Oscars for Food.” For the event, Mindy will be making Peachy Keen Tarts, which is inspired by the movie “Waitress.”  They are dairy free and made with bacon fat…they both seemed to love them!

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Everyone Has A Story

Kathie Lee and Hoda announce the winner of this week’s contest, “Everyone Has A Story.” The winner this week is 11-year-old Hunter Brown from Las Vegas. He was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at the age of three and did not speak until he was four. At the age of 8, he entered his high school’s talent show and fell in love with performing. Hunter continues to do competitions and is part of an ensemble group. Kathie Lee announces that her and David Friedman have written a song for Hunter, which will be performed by Brian d’Arcy James.

Hunter Brown and his mother, Lisa, join Kathie Lee and Hoda on the phone. Hunter says his favorite singer is Frank Sinatra, but he also writes his own songs. They will be joining Kathie Lee and Hoda on the show Thursday.


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