Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ashanti ‘Braveheart’ Review & ‘Fuse News’ Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ashanti Interview

Not only is Ashanti a singer, but she is also an actor, author and is now an executive producer and co-host of Fuse News, a new show launching this fall. She sat down with the ladies to talk about her new album, Braveheart, and her latest single from the album, “The Woman You Love,” and her new TV show, Fuse News.

Ashanti: Fuse News Review

Kathie Le & Hoda: Ashanti 'Braveheart' Review & 'Fuse News' Review

Ashanti sat down with the ladies to talk her new album, Braveheart, and her latest single, "The Woman You Love," & her new TV show, Fuse News


She said it is absolutely amazing and she is so exited. She said it is a music news show that is filling the void. We had TRL on MTV back in the day and they went more towards reality TV. She said this is something pioneering and they are going to inject something back into music, so she is really excited about that.

Ashanti said it is about music news, so they are going to be talking about album sales and iTunes. They may get into some dating news, like who is dating who, but it is more about musical content. They will be watching videos, new videos and new artists and performances.

Ashanti: Braveheart Review

Kathie Lee and Hoda showed a little snippet of the video for Grammy-award winning singer Ashanti’s new video for “The Woman You Love” with Busta Rhymes, the first single off her new album Braveheart. She said she took the metaphor from the movie. It is something for women being empowering.


She said this is being something very deep. It is about her career and building a brand and she hopes this is inspiring to women to keep moving forward. She said the album is amazing and it is kind of deep and she is going to places she hasn’t gone before on different albums.

Ashanti: Executive Producer on Album

Ashanti’s first album came out in 2002. She said it is so important to have your hands into what you are doing. She is an executive producer on the album. She said the world perceives you as who you are and your image and you have everything to do with it and you have to be responsible for your brand.

Ashanti: Changes In Her Music Style

She said by growing up and going through so many different experiences with love and learning and growing as a woman, especially in this music industry. She said there are a lot of ups and downs, but it is a character builder.

Ashanti: Her Mom

Ashanti’s mom is her manager. She said she is her backbone and to have someone there who genuinely cares about you and supports you and is after your personal being and protects you means a lot to her.


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