Kai Deodorant, Bumble and Bumble, Native Shoes & Swims Loafers Reviews


Today’s Style: Fashion Emergency

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are joined by Jill Martin, Today Show style contributor and author of I Have Nothing To Wear!, as they discussed everything you need for a fashion emergency. From gadgets for your phone to instantly turning any mascara waterproof, Jill brought things any person could use, including Kai Deodorant and Swims Loafers.

Fashion Emergencies: Kai Deodorant Review

Kai Deodorant, Bumble and Bumble, Native Shoes & Swims Loafers Reviews

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with Jill Martin, who suggested products for fashion emergencies, including Kai deodorant, Native Shoes, Shop Design Spark and Swims Loafers reviews.


Jill Martin suggested Kai Deodorant/Oil for $24 and up from Kai Fragrance. Jill said you can use that and it sort of doubles. It smells good and glamorous to carry around.

Fashion Emergencies: Topcoat by Ulta Review

Jill Martin suggested Topcoat for $21 from Ulta. Jill said this renders any mascara waterproof. You can go to the beach and apply this over any mascara and it is waterproof.

Fashion Emergencies: Sephora Shimmer Sheets Review

Jill Martin suggested shimmer sheets for $16 from Sephora. She said you can throw these in your beach bag as well. It is a bronzer, blush and illuminzer and have different tones.


Fashion Emergencies: Bumble and Bumble Review

Jill Martin suggested Hair Products from Bumble and Bumble for $24. She said you have that frizzy look after you get out of the water and this gives you that beachy look.

Fashion Emergencies: Native Shoes Review

Jill Martin suggested shoes for $45 from Native Shoes. She said they are the Converse for the beach and very fun for the beach.

Fashion Emergencies: Swims Loafers Review

Jill Martin suggested loafers for men for $148 from Swims. She said these are the biggest thing right now for men. It is a little bit of an investment, but day and night loafers for men.

Fashion Emergencies: I am Fragrance Review

Jill Martin suggested fragrance for $27 and up from I am Fragrance. She said they have different lotions for different moods, like wild, hot and naked. It’s giftable and also fun.

Fashion Emergencies: Shop Design Spark Review

Jill Martin suggested jewelry for $25 and under from Shop Design Spark. She said if you are investing in statement jewelry and you are leaving the beach and need a quick fix and you want to go out for the night, this is the stuff for you.

Fashion Emergencies: Cellairis Screen Protectors Review

For a makeover for your phone, Jill Martin suggested a screen protector for $40 from Cellairis. She said it does not break and she hit it with a stapler and it still works.

Fashion Emergencies: Solutions The Stick Review

Jill Martin suggested a pocket for $10 from Solutions That Stick. She said it is a pocket that you tape on to the inside of your shirt or blazer so you don’t have to carry your phone and what not.

Fashion Emergencies: Niks Naks Party Bin Review

Jill Martin suggested a party bin for $42 and up from Niks Naks. She said you can personalize it to hold all your alcohol or wine and keep it cool.

Fashion Emergencies: Red Envelope Bar Signs Review

Jill Martin suggested a Beer Holder or Bar Sign for $30 and up from Red Envelope. She said you can personalize it for your own home.


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